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Before and After Pictures & Reviews of People who are using Ozempic

Ozempic weight loss before and after pictures

before and after picture 3 ozempic
Ozempic weight loss before and after pictures of a 20 years old student

Ozempic, the once-weekly injectable formulation of Semaglutide, has not been approved for the treatment of obesity or weight loss. However, obese diabetic patients have noticed dramatic weight loss results with it.

Obese people are displaying their “before and after pictures” on social media using once-weekly Ozempic injections as they reveal their inspiring weight loss journey.

Ozempic Dosing for Weight Loss and Diabetes Mellitus

In clinical trials, Ozempic has been observed to be associated with a weight loss of 13 lbs over 26 weeks [Ref]

Ozempic in real-life patients has been observed to cause a weight loss of about 17 lbs over a period of just about 9 weeks.

Ozempic Weight Loss Reviews by Real Patients @ Reddit

Ozempic Weight Loss Before and After Pictures and Reviews:

There have been numerous before and after weight loss pictures of people and influencers around the web. Very few people have posted pics of their weight loss journey using Ozempic.

Three pics I found on social media are posted here [Ref]. It is important to note that all three people were using Ozempic.

In addition, they also did cardio and other forms of workouts like walking and workouts at the Gym. Plus, they reduced their daily intake of carbohydrates and burned more calories than they consumed.

Ozempic weight loss before and after pictures of a female who lost 43 lbs of body weight:

Ozempic weight loss before and after pictures
Before Ozempic and After Ozempic use for one year

This female lost weight from 215 to 180 pounds. Weight became a little static but adding Adipex (Phentermine) resulted in 8 pounds of weight loss. She is now 172 pounds but hopeful to achieve a target weight of 140 pounds.

Here are a few things she found helpful in addition to using Injection Ozempic:

  • Cut out POP and fast food
  • Regular one hour of Cardio exercise
  • Going up to the workplace using stairs instead of the elevator

Healthy Fast Food Options: Low Carbs, Low Calories, & Tasty 😋

Regarding Ozempic, she administered 0.25 mg for four weeks and 0.5 mg afterward for a couple of months. However, with time, she thought her body got used to it and she did not lose enough weight, rather her weight was static.

She then increased her dose to 0.75 mg for four weeks, a few injections of 1 mg, and then got back to 0.5 mg per week.

Ozempic weight loss before and after pictures of a person who lost 90 lbs:

ozempic weight loss before and after picture

This person claims to have lost 90 lbs using Ozempic

This is a picture of another person using Ozempic. Although, he claims to have lost 90 lbs, however, the weight loss he claims is not obvious in the pictures.

Maybe because of the smile in the picture, his cheeks have popped out, but literally, I don’t see any weight loss, especially, 90 lbs.

Rybelsus for Weight Loss in Non Diabetic Patients

He might have lost 9 lbs instead of 90 lbs (and added one zero by mistake). The viewers are the best judges but I can see a slight weight loss when I look at it with the eye of faith.

In addition, he states that clean eating, avoiding fast food, and lots of hours in the gym helped him achieve so much weight loss. He is still continuing to lose weight. Let’s see if he loses more weight and post new pictures after Ozempic use.

Ozempic weight loss before and after pictures of a 20 years old student:

Ozempic weight loss before and after pictures of a 20 years old student
Ozempic weight loss before and after pictures of a 20-year-old student

This is a 20 years of age female who is 5’8 and weighing 160 lbs. She used Ozempic for five months and lost this much weight.

She is a busy student and has maintained weight loss over the last three months without the feeling of being deprived.

Ozempic Weight Loss Stories: Success Stories of People on Semaglutide

She is feeling too good with her new size and proud of herself. Her leggings size changed from 8 or 10 to size 4.

Her waist reduced from 33 to 28. For the first time, she bought herself a small-size top that she used to wear when she was in middle school. She enjoys shopping for her new size and is not more scared.

before and after picture 3 ozempic
These are her new pictures after using Ozempic.

She has to reduce her basal insulin dose from 100 units to 40 units to avoid hypoglycemia. Although she takes a small portion of juice in the morning to avoid hypoglycemia, she calculates her calories and tries to burn more than she takes.

Insulin Degludec (Tresiba) Dose, Class, Brands, Side effects, Conversion

Her current average daily intake of calories is around 1200 Kcal but she has to adjust it on a daily basis. She takes 1100 calories on lazy days to 1500 calories on super active days.

She keeps a track of her calories with a fitness watch and burns around 1600 calories per day without exercise.

Her physical activities routine includes long walks (with her parents’ dog), frequent short walks, and cardio classes. She goes for a workout a few times a week.

How Many Miles Should I Walk a Day to Lose Weight?

She states that Ozempic has helped her insulin resistance and weight loss. Her appetite has markedly reduced.

A middle-aged female who shared her weight loss success journey using Ozempic:

ozempic before and after weight loss pictures
A middle-aged female who lost significant weight using Ozempic

This is another middle-aged female who lost significant weight after using Ozempic. Along with regular exercise, long brisk walks, and a low-calorie diet, she lost significant weight.

Best Physical Exercises for Diabetics and People with Insulin Resistance

22 lbs weight loss using Ozempic Injection

22 lbs weight loss using Ozempic
22 lbs weight loss using Ozempic

This female has only shared pictures of the lower half of her face. She has been using Ozempic for the last six months.

Initially, she took 0.25 mg for four weeks. After a month and till now, she is on 0.5 mg once a week Ozempic injection. She was 272 lbs before Ozempic. Currently, she weighs only 250 pounds.

Losing Belly Fat in 6 Weeks with Ozempic: Weight Loss Before and After

50 lbs Weight loss using Ozempic:

This post is of patients who lost 50 lbs using Ozempic. Her A1C significantly dropped from 9 to less than 7%.

She was pleased to see her liver function normalizing and feeling healthier than before. She hasn’t shared her picture.

How to Switch from Victoza to Ozempic (Liraglutide to Semaglutide)

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