20 Minutes HIIT Workout at Home Without Equipment

20 Minutes HIIT Workout at home

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HIIT workout is an effective form of exercise. 20 minutes of HIIT workout is considered equivalent to 60 minutes of Cardio Workout.

To save your time, here are a few examples of how you can do a 20 Minutes HIIT Workout at Home.

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20 Minutes HIIT Workout at Home without any equipment:

You can start this workout simply with a quick 3-minute warm-up followed by a 17 minute HIIT workout. You’re not going to need any equipment for this workout.

1. Leg Swings:

leg swings 20 minutes hiit workout at home
Leg swings [Source]
Start your workout with leg swings. Stand straight with both feet level on the ground. Perform leg swing for 30 seconds on each leg.

Prefer to start with the right leg first, starting with a small range of motion, and as you feel more comfortable with it, progressively increase the range of motion.

Try to open your hip up as best as you can but don’t swing it out of control. Try to reach across with the left arm to your right foot to get that torso to rotate just a little bit.

After 30 seconds switch sides and do the same exact activity on your left leg following the same instructions.

You can burn 6 Calories when you do leg swings for one minute (if your weight is 60 kgs)

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2. Knee-up rotations:

knee up rotations
Knee-up rotations [Source]
Stand in an erect position. Try to bring out the opposite elbow down to the opposite knee rotating shoulders as much as you can.

Try to feel like you’re trying to get that elbow to the outside of your knee. You have to really focus on driving that knee up nice and high as well as rotating those shoulders.

Try to get as much range of motion as possible. Keep breathing at a normal pace.

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3. Squats with toe-touch kicks:

squats with toe touch kicks
squats with toe touch kicks [Source]
Perform deep squats, bring one leg up, reach out towards those toes, squat down again, bring the opposite leg up.

Just keep altering back & forth between legs every time you squat. While doing squat try to get your hips down below your knees.

Try also want to get a better stretch on your hamstrings. Make sure, you’re really reaching down towards the toe.

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4. Line Jumps:

line jumps 20 minutes hiit workout at home
Line jumps [Source]
While doing this exercise, just imagine you’re trying to get your feet up and over either a really tall log or high band.

Let your feet touch the ground for a very short period of time before jumping back over the opposite side.

Just try to keep jumping as quickly as you can by driving your knees up as high as possible.

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5. Jumping Jacks:

jumping jacks
Jumping jacks [Source]
Get your both arms and legs going, snap your arms down and legs together simultaneously. Then bring both legs apart as both arms come up over the head and you’re trying to keep both arms relatively straight.

keep shoulder socket and core muscles contracted. Keep this motion going. Try to keep it fast bringing your heart rate up.

It might be possible that you’re sweating by the time you’re done.

  • Now, you’re going to perform 4 exercises straight through in a group with descending time intervals.
  • Start the first exercise for 60 secs, then 50 secs, then 40 secs, then 30 secs, then 20secs, and finally 10 secs.
  • Get 10 secs rest in between each one of those groups.

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6. Flutter Kick Squats:

flutter kicks squat
Flutter kicks squat [Source]
Start this motion with your feet kicking from front to back and then you may take a pause. Squat down and then start flutter kick motion again with the opposite foot forward.

So it’s going to be two kicks and then squat down in the middle followed by two kicks again and squat in the middle again.

Keep going and try to get as deep of a squat every single time you can.

Continue for 60 seconds.

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7. High Knees:

high knees
high knees [Source]
Switch to this motion without taking any break. Drive your both knees up and high and try to get both knees to at least hip height or further higher if you can.

You can try to move both feet up and down as quickly as possible. Let the feet touch the ground for a very short interval.

Perform this exercise for 60 secs.

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8. Burpees:

Burpees [Source]
After high knees, immediately switch to burpees. Start with a full push-up position then come back up to your both feet and do a quick jump. Drop right back down into push-up position.

Keep going as quick as possible. Try to achieve a constant complete motion with your entire body.

The harder you jump the more calories you’re going to burn.

Keep going for 60 secs.

  • After getting rest for 20 secs, repeat the same group of exercises for 40secs, progressively decreasing time for 30secs, then 20 secs, and finally 10 secs, with each set.

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