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Afrezza Reviews and Usage experience data is limited. This post about Afrezza reviews is collecting data about users’ experience as to how their experience was using Inhaled insulin Afrezza.

Some of the factors that users favor or find useless are highlighted here. You can write your reviews and rate your experience at the end of the article.

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Afrezza Inhaled Insulin is novel insulin with the fastest onset and the shortest duration of action. It has some great properties that could make it ideal insulin for mealtime use.

However, some of its adverse events and because of its cost, doctors, and patients are reluctant to use it.

Afrezza inhaled insulin is different from other insulins. It is not administered by injections. However, it is usually given with basal insulin. Thus, it does not totally replace the use of injections.

Insulin Afrezza; Test Your knowledge

It covers the glucose spikes that occur after ingestion of a meal and is administered just before the start of a meal.

Afrezza insulin is costlier than other commonly used insulins, however, it is cheaper than insulin infusion pumps. Furthermore, compared to insulin infusion pumps, it is much easy to handle.

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It lowers blood glucose instantly. This effect is especially required in patients whose blood sugars are very high and need to be lowered down rapidly.

In addition, the dosing titration of Insulin Afrezza is not very strict. The dose can be increased on decreased in increments of 4 units.

Why people are scared of using Inhaled Insulin Afrezza?

Afrezza Inhaled Insulin is novel insulin and people are concerned about its long-term safety. Lung fibrosis and lung cancers are two serious conditions that have been associated with the long-term use of Afrezza Inhaled Insulin.

Lung fibrosis is a slow decline in pulmonary function tests. Patients may manifest with shortness of breath and chronic dry cough.

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In clinical trials, a 40 ml reduction in the FEV1 was demonstrated when Afrezza inhaled Insulin was used for two years or more.

In clinical trials, the incidence of Lung cancer was seen to be equal to the general population. Furthermore, there is no data regarding the FDA’s concerns as to whether it could affect the growth of lung cancers or not in patients who have been diagnosed with lung cancer before Afrezza treatment.

Other common side effects of Afrezza inhaled Insulin include acute bronchospasm, cough, and increased sputum production. A “Black Box Warning” is issued with Afrezza Insulin when it is administered to patients with asthma or COPD.

You can test your knowledge regarding Afrezza here

Afrezza Inhaled Insulin Reviews:

Keeping these short-term and long-term side effects in view let’s see how you rate your experience using Afrezza Inhaled Insulin.

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