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Ozempic and Menstrual Cycle: How Women Describe Their Experience

Ozempic and menstrual cycle

Ozempic (and other brands of Semaglutide, Rybelsus, and Wegovy) is one of the new medications, doctors think will help women with hormonal disturbances.

The direct effects of Ozempic on the menstrual cycle have not been evaluated so far. Changes in the menstrual cycle have a great psychological impact on women.

Therefore, we collected data from women who shared their personal experiences to evaluate the effects of Ozempic on the menstrual cycle.

The effects of Ozempic on the Menstrual Cycle (Periods):

A total of 36 women shared their experiences while they were using Semaglutide.

Most women were using Ozempic (64%). Some of them did not mention the brand, however, they were likely using Ozempic or Wegovy.

number of patients using ozempic, Wegovy, or Rybelsus
The number of women using Ozempic, Wegovy, or Rybelsus

The average duration of treatment using Semaglutide was 8 weeks (the minimum duration of treatment was one week and the maximum duration of treatment was 28 weeks).

Among women who were using Ozempic or Wegovy, more than half of them were on 0.25 mg per week.

Two women were on 1.7 mg per week. Two women in the Rybelsus group were using 7 mg tablets daily.

About 10% of the women had concomitant PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).

Change in the Menstrual cycle

Percentage of women

Increased duration of the menstrual cycle51.7%
Decreased duration of the menstrual cycle24.1%
No change noticed17.2%
Better and Timely Periods6.9%

Painful menstruation (period cramps) was reported by 25 percent of women. Those who did not experience any change in menstrual cycles and those who reported better and timely cycles had no pain during menses.

Painful cycles and period cramps” was reported by most women who noticed a change in their cycles, particularly those who had prolonged periods.

Change in the MenstruationPercentage of women who reported pain and cramps
Increased duration of the menstrual cycle16.66%
Decreased duration of the menstrual cycle8.33%
No change noticed0
Better and Timely0

Most women who reported an increase in the duration of menses had more than 7 days of bleeding.

Those who reported decreased menstruation either reported scanty flow or had a duration of menstrual cycles lasting less than their usual cycles.


Ozempic and Periods: Reviews and comments by patients:

Reviews and comments of patients who observed changes in their menstrual cycles are posted here below.

Patients who reported “better and timely” menstrual cycles with Semaglutide:

Only a few people described their menstrual cycles as more timely and better than before. People who reported timely menstrual cycles commented:

“I am 56 years old and on my fifth dose. I haven’t had a period in 10 months and I just got one.

Happy about the weight loss I’ve had which is a total of 6 lbs but this is a huge surprise.

Does anyone else have a similar experience?”

Menstrual cycle bleeding at 56 years of age is surprising in this patient. She needs to be observed for other gynecological issues as well. She might be in the peri-menopausal period. It’s the time when women stop bleeding.
“I was diagnosed with PCOS years ago, and have gained about 60 lbs. I couldn’t lose any weight from dieting and exercising and I just kept gaining weight”.

My OB/Gyn endocrinologist didn’t want to put me on liraglutide because she didn’t feel comfortable with it.

But my other endocrinologist prescribed me Wegovy, and I got lucky and am paying only $25/mo for six months. I’m eating the same things and exercising the same amount I did before starting Wegovy, and I’m losing weight! (I’m 5’4”)”

This patient also talked about how she lost weight over a period of ten weeks. Her weight loss profile by week is mentioned here:

Weeks of Treatment

Weight (lbs)

Baseline Weight169
week 1166
week 2165.1
week 3163.4
week 4161.4
week 5158.6
week 6159
week 7157.6
week 8156.6
week 9153.8
week 10153.2

This patient lost about 17 lbs of weight and had better and more timely menstrual cycles. Secondly, she had PCOS. This means she had issues with her periods in the past.

weight loss trend over four weeks of a patient on Wegovy
Weight loss trend of a woman with PCOS using Wegovy – over ten weeks

Ozempic and Wegovy, like their weight loss effects, are thought to affect the lifestyle of patients with PCOS significantly.


Another patient who was on Oral Semaglutide (Rybelsus Tablets) commented:

“I was on 3mg for a month and now about 8 days into 7mg.

My first cycle on it seemed normal but now this cycle 5 days late and no sign of her coming!”

People who had heavy and painful menstrual cycles reported as:

“I have been on Ozempic for about a month and a half with about 2 weeks off. I have noticed when I take the Ozempic, I bleed non-stop.

Sometimes spotty and dark and sometimes not. Does anyone else have this? I have noticed it kind of slows down when I don’t take Ozempic.

My gynae doctor just suggested that I double up on birth control to make it stop but that only worked well when I wasn’t on Ozempic. any tips?”

Similarly, other patients also had a similar experience using Ozempic. This person reported his wife’s experience while on Ozempic:

“My wife started having problems once she started using Ozempic, lasted so long that the same Dr recommended a procedure to stop the bleeding knowing that Ozempic is the cause and $20000 later she just started the same bleeding a few hours after her injection”.

Few patients reported spotting despite using OCPs, and IUDs (Intrauterine devices). This patient had a contraceptive implant and still had menstrual bleeding:

“I have a contraceptive implant and only very rarely get periods at all.

After my second shot (0.25mg of Wegovy), I had the worst period I’ve had in years.”

“Heavy bleeding, extremely painful cramps, lasted a week. After that, I returned to my normal not-having-periods self”.

Similarly, this patient reported severe cramps during her menses.

I have had one period on Ozempic and it was shocking! Normal period 2 to 3 days this one lasted 7 to 8 horrible cramps just felt a whole lot different.

I was hoping g Ozempic would stop cravings around period but nope still wanted chocolate and just sweets in general.”

Another patient reported prolonged bleeding. It is important to check hormonal profile and bleeding parameters in such patients:

“Folks, who menstruate, have you noticed anything changing in your cycle?

I have been bleeding for almost a month now.

The doctor said it could be weight loss-related. Would also appreciate any tips to make my period stop haha”.

This patient had heavy bleeding after a long time. It was ironic (as the patient described) since she got her period on the same day as the injection.

“I gave myself the first shot of 0.25 on Monday…

I haven’t had my period in months. I got it Monday night.

Obviously could be ironic lol. My worst period in years too. Heavy bleeding for sure”.



Ozempic and Periods: Does Ozempic Affect Periods?

Ozempic has direct and indirect effects on female hormones. It is also been evaluated for the treatment of women with polycystic ovarian syndrome, however, studies have not been published yet.

Ozempic enhances insulin sensitivity and reduces abdominal and visceral fat.  It also improves the symptoms of PCOS and may induce ovulation by its inhibitory effects on androgen synthesis.

Apart from its effects as an insulin-sensitizing agent, Ozempic also affects menstruation by improving androgen metabolism, enhancing ovulation, and reducing body fats.

Female hormonal changes have also been associated with changes in body weight.

Generally, obese women have less frequent and scanty menstrual cycles compared to women with normal weight.

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On the other extreme, anorexic and markedly underweight women also menstruate less frequently.

Ozempic and especially Wegovy is associated with significant weight loss. Among all the weight loss medicines, Wegovy is considered superior. It is associated with up to 16% weight loss.

Ozempic reduces the activity of adipokines and 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor (the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into its active form. Low levels of testosterone are associated with better and more timely menstrual cycles.

Reducing visceral fats and body fat distribution also has a favorable effect on female hormones and menstrual cycles.


In Summary:

Women on Ozempic (or other formulations of Semaglutide) usually observe changes in their menstrual cycles. Most women observed an increased flow and duration of menstrual cycles.

Painful menstrual cycles are also commonly reported. The change in menstrual cycles may be associated with mood disturbances that can affect the blood glucose and weight loss journey of obese women.

Studies are needed to address the effects of Ozempic on female menstrual cycles and hormonal profiles.


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