Low Sodium Fast Food McDonald’s Options: Reduce Salt

Low Sodium Fast Food McDonald’s

french fries healthy fast food options Mc Donald's
French Fries

Low sodium fast food McDonald’s options for patients with hypertension, heart diseases, and edema or fluid overloaded states are enlisted here.

Although fast food is not considered healthy at all, occasionally, patients can not avoid taking them. Therefore, one should look for the least unhealthy options in such circumstances.

Low Sodium Fast Foods Options: Subway, McDonalds, & More


Truth be exposed, it is not easy to avoid junk food primarily when it tastes so pleasing but in fact, junk food is a bit overhyped.

Nevertheless, all is better in moderation. One can not choose to overeat a certain food item only because it tastes heavenly.

Taking care of your health needs to be the top priority of every individual since your body relies on the choices that you make.

Low-Sodium Fast-food Options: Taco Bells, Subway, McDonald’s

Junk food, overall, is an unhealthy option, however, there are certain options that can satisfy your taste buds while causing little to no damage to your health.

How Much Salt is Too Much?

low sodium fast food options at McDonalds
Low sodium fast food options at McDonald

It could be the reality that sodium can be an exceptionally fundamental supplement that a human body requires to function but overdosing on it is still quite destructive.

Agreeing to the Food and Drug Administration, the everyday RDA of Sodium is less than 2300 mg daily [Ref]

This is approximately equivalent to a teaspoon of salt.

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Children beneath the age of 14 ought to take an even lesser amount of sodium in their diet. 
Try to examine food labels in order to comprehend the sodium range in each article.

Any food item that proclaims to be sodium-free or salt-free has less than 5 mg of sodium. While items claiming to be unsalted have no salt included in them amid processing.

One of the most significant items found in excess in junk food is salt which, if consumed in high doses, can pave the way for a number of disorders.

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Here we have a list of Low sodium fast food McDonald’s options that you may like.


french fries healthy fast food options Mc Donald's
French Fries

Yes! you’ll be able to have a few of those mouthwatering fries. From a sodium point of view, an undersized order of fries contains solely 180 mg of sodium.

That appears shockingly low knowing that people typically regard fries as extra salty.

Ketchup would immediately add ample portions of sodium and sugar so it is best to enjoy the fries without it.

Six Best Low Sodium Fast Food Options to Eat at Lunch

And since this is typically a fried item, consider sticking to the undersized order. But for those interested in medium fries, they contain almost 260 mg of sodium.

For comparison, that’s just marginally more than a single cut of their shining orange-handled cheese.

By the way, you’ll lower that sodium portion even more by requesting them without salt. Hard to believe but McDonald’s will cook you up a new batch of fries without utilizing the salt shaker.

Just keep in mind the fries get dumped from the fryer into a central scooping station, which implies your fries will likely take up a small amount of salt.

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Therefore, ordering them salt-free may not get rid of the salt content totally but it will lower it.

McChicken (without mayonnaise):

The McChicken is another alternative that’s lower in sodium than numerous other options advertised by McDonald’s.

Well if you choose to order it just as it is then it’ll fill your sodium intake with almost 560 mg. In case you request the sandwich without mayonnaise, you’ll cut the portion of sodium to 500 mg.

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Moreover, being lower in sodium than several other alternatives, the McChicken contains a little protein and is moderately low in calories, particularly in case you skip the mayonnaise.

Filet-o-Fish (without tartar sauce):

In comparison to other food items on the McDonald’s menu, the Filet-o-Fish is generally deficient in sodium.

Surprisingly, in case you order it without the tartar sauce, it comprises 470 mg of sodium, and to reduce the amount of sodium, even more, skip the cheese to bring the content of sodium in each serving to as low as 370 mg.

On top of that, it offers 14 grams of protein and minerals like iron, etc.

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Fruit & Maple Oatmeal:

oatmeal porridge Low sodium fast food McDonald's options
Oatmeal porridge with coconut for breakfast

Providing only 90mg of sodium, this option is probably a lifesaver for people who crave a delicious breakfast option from McDonald’s.

Their Fruit & Maple Oatmeal offers two complete servings of whole-grain oats with a hint of cream and brown sugar.

Packed with apples both red and green, cranberries, and 2 distinct types of raisins this option will fit right into your breakfast routine. This breakfast offers almost 320 calories.

Low Sodium Breakfast Options and Ideas; Restricting Salt

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