Best Subway Low Sodium Menu: Bread, Cheese, Wraps, Sandwich

Subway Low Sodium Menu

Subway Low Sodium Menu is for individuals who are on a low-salt diet. A low-salt diet is recommended for all individuals who have hypertension, heart disease, and other fluid-overloaded conditions.

The FDA, ADA, and other authorities recommend a daily sodium intake of 2500 mg maximum in people without any illnesses.

For those on salt restriction, the daily intake should not exceed 1500 mg.

Fast Foods and Salt Intake:

The list of unhealthy dietary items will have junk food at the top of it.

There are a number of fast-food chains in the world that contribute to people’s ongoing addiction to fast food and unhealthy lifestyles. The problem is with the composition of the fast-food items.

These food products are filled with ‘empty calories’ which provide no nutrition at the cost of a loaded dose of energy.

A good chunk of the world’s population practices a sedentary and hectic life, leaving them no time to exercise and burn the fat they have accumulated from junk food.

Another common issue is with the salt content of junk food which is much more than recommended and is regarded as unhealthy for even normal individuals.


Subway Low Sodium Menu: Bread Options

Subway is one of the most visited food chains around the world.

However, their menu items may not be the healthiest options which leads us to pick out the best and possibly the healthiest options which are relatively low in sodium.

  • Low Sodium Bread:

The initial step in making a Subway sandwich is choosing the right bread.

Full of fiber and nutrition from whole grains, the bread from the subway can be processed and loaded with that extra dose of sodium that we are trying to avoid here.

The two decent bread options from Subway are the ‘9-grain wheat bread and the ‘9-grain honey oat’ bread.

  • The 9 Grain Honey Oat:

A personal favorite one here! This bread has that special sweet taste with a bunch of grains and seeds on top of it that come with every bite you take.

The sweet taste comes from the addition of honey which is delightful to taste. It is considered  healthiest because of:

  • Its texture,
  • a calorie count of 190 Kcal,
  • With a low sodium content of about 270 mg in a 6-inch long bread and 540 mg in a footlong version.

This option is the healthiest one so far.

  • Low Sodium 9 Grain Wheat Bread:

Similar to the 9-grain honey oat bread, this option also gives a good amount of fiber on a low-calorie count.

The 9-grain wheat bread has 180 calories in a 6-inch serving. The most important aspect is how it is low in sodium, giving 270 mg in that same 6-inch serving size.

  • Low Sodium Artisan Italian Bread:

Next up is not the best low sodium option but a moderately acceptable one.

In case you want to try something new or have a small cheat meal in your low-sodium diet then you can surely go for the Italian Bread that has 310 mg of sodium & and 160 calories in a 6-inch serving.

  • Low Sodium Artisan Flatbread:

Similar to the option listed above, the flatbread has a moderately acceptable amount of sodium which is 290 mg.

Keep a close look at the calories which can be as high as 230 calories per 6-inch serving.

This bread has a crusty texture but is soft in general & it can be great if you want to make your meat choice the highlight of your sub.


Best Subway Low Sodium Menu: Cheese Options?

Not all cheese options have a favorable amount of sodium in them so one might have to either compromise on their diet or just avoid choosing it.

However, swiss cheese comes to the rescue by containing only 30 mg of sodium for a 6-inch sub but Swiss cheese is not available at all subways so better you skip the cheese than go unhealthy.

The very next best option for you is the ‘Shredded Monterey Cheddar’ cheese that has 90 mg of sodium which in our opinion is quite a lot; another reason why skipping cheese might be life-saving here.


Subway Low Sodium Menu: Veggies:

Probably the only item that has the least amount of sodium in it while giving you all the best nutrients as a cherry on top.

Without any hesitation, you can fill up your sub with as many veggies as you like.

On an important note, you might wanna avoid olives (25 mg per 3 rings) and pickles (115 mg per 3 chips) at all costs.

Subway Low Sodium Menu: Condiments and Sauces:

The actual enemies of a low sodium diet are the condiments that are utilized to escalate the flavor of a food item.

Condiments like salt or pepper and sauces like ketchup or mustard will ruin your low-salt sub.

Still, if you care to go all out and do not want to miss out on any deliciousness then choose one from the following options.

  • Oil- NO sodium at all, the best option
  • Honey mustard- 80 mg, better if avoided
  • Sweet onion sauce- 75 mg, better if avoided
  • Regular mayo- comparatively a low sodium option (65 mg) but has a high-calorie count

Subway Low Sodium Salads:

Not going for a sandwich but choosing a salad? Now that shows the dedication to your low-sodium diet. Salads are full of veggies and some options have meats too and both can be low in sodium, all you need to do is eliminate the bread.

A veggie delight is a desirable option with 75 mg of sodium and the best nutrients from veggies.

Oven Roasted chicken can give you the protein that you require with a salt count of 360 mg which seems a bit high but is fine as long as you avoid any condiments.

Rotisserie-Style Chicken also accounts for 360 mg of sodium.


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