How to Lose Face Fat: 16 Simple Exercises for Chubby Cheeks

How to Lose Face Fat

How to lose face fat and look slim? Our physiotherapist shares a few simple exercises for chubby cheeks that can be done anywhere without the need for any type of equipment or instruments.

Do facial exercises improve your appearance?

Yes and No. Yes if facial exercises are performed in a proper way. No, because it may increase facial wrinkling and make you look more aged if you are doing the wrong kind of exercise.

Facial exercises that are done for speech fluency also improve your facial aesthetics. It is best to get advice from a speech therapist before initiating any facial exercise program.

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Some of these exercises involve contracting muscles against resistance known as isotonic exercises.

Others involved muscle contraction but with no movement known as Isometric & yet, others involved stretching and massaging.

Daily workout at home is usually required often supplemented by weekly sessions with a therapist. Some people may need to perform speech therapy once or twice weekly in the presence of a therapist.

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how to lose face fat exercises for chubby cheeks

How to Lose Face Fat?

Exercising the jaw muscles helps build them up and gives your jaw a more defined look. Doing these exercises on regular basis, you will get a defined face and reduced cheekbones without surgery.

These exercises can make you look younger too. Start these exercises early in life to see the benefits at later ages.

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  1. Fish Face Exercises to Lose Face Fat:

This exercise is quite simple. close your mouth, pucker your lips. Suck your left cheek in. Hold it in at the innermost point for half a sec and then move back to the original position.

Repeat this 20 times.

Once you’re done with the left cheek, perform the same for your right cheek 20 times. After you’re done with the right cheek, perform this exercise for both cheeks simultaneously 20 times.

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  1. Puffing Face Exercises to Lose Face Fats:

This particular exercise works on your cheeks and lips as well. Now, fill your mouth with as much air as you can.

You should feel your cheeks getting stretched. Now, alternate this air from the left cheek to the right. Repeat this 20 times. Relax for a few secs and do it again.

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  1. Smiling Exercises to Lose Face Fat:

smiling exercises to lose face fat

To perform this exercise, clench your teeth and smile the widest that you’ve ever smiled. The best way to go about this exercise is to face a mirror and do it.

Stretch your muscles cheeks away from each other and smile away. Do this in 2 sets of 10 repetitions or one set of 20 repetitions.

  1. Jaw-Dropping Exercises to Lose Face Fat:

This is not only a great stretch but also an effective cheek fat burner. For this exercise, drop your jaw and stretch it downwards as much as you can.

Stop at the point where you can’t take it beyond. While doing so, you may notice a soft clicking or popping sound originating from the point where jaw muscles meet (near your ear).

Hold this stretch for 10 seconds and then bring your jaw back to its resting position.

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  1. Chewing Gum Helps You Lose Face Fat:

chewing gum exercises for facial muscles

Chewing gum on a regular basis works wonders when it comes to exercising your jaw muscles, and to a certain extent, your cheeks.

  1. Chin-Ups:

Your chin can perform push-ups too. Pus your lower lip upward over your upper lip and lift your chin as high as you can each time.

Repeat 15 times.

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  1. Closed Eyes:

Whether you believe it or not, just closing your eyes can help you burn fat in your cheeks. So, close your eyes as tight as possible, when you do this in order to feel the tension in your face.

Hold this stretch for seconds, and repeat 15 times.

  1. Cheekbone Sculptor:

High cheekbones will bring more definition to a chubby face. Open your mouth into an oval smile with your lips over your teeth, bring your fingers to your cheekbones and push upward for that instant facial lift.

Hold for 30 seconds.

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  1. The Half Cringe:

Just as the name states, imagine something truly cringe-worthy.

Push one corner of your mouth back while tensing the muscles in your neck. You’re doing it right if you can see the lines on your neck in the mirror.

Repeat 15 times.

  1. The Duck Face:

We start off by working the central muscles of our cheeks.

Pucker up your lips and open your mouth. Make sure you push your lips outward and tense your face muscles to get those muscles working.

Repeat this exercise 15 times.

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  1. Tongue Stretch:

Stick your tongue out as far as you can, curving it upward at the tip of your nose. Hold for 10 secs. Open eyes wide and forcefully look upward simultaneously mouth wide open stretch tongue towards your chin and hold for 10 secs.

  1. Face Massage:

how to lose face fat exercises for chubby cheeks

Apply facial oil to your fingertips, and warm up the oil between fingers. Apply over jawline and neck area. Use thumb to hook under the chin. Use the index finger and thumb to gently pinch. Repeat on the other side or go both ways at the same time.

To keep the chin and neck area strong, use your thumb & index finger, and slide the index finger under the jaw.

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Stroke 3 times. Drain down the neck. Repeat the same steps on the other side. This takes the toxin away from your chin.

Place palms under the chin and lift the jaw, bringing the palms upwards towards the ears. Slide down the face and neck. Repeat 3 times.

  1. Kiss the Ceiling Exercise:

This exercise is highly useful making your jawline more toned and your Neck skin tighter.

Tilt your head back and push your lip forward. You should feel a great stretch under your chin in your neck muscles.

Hold it for 15 seconds. Bring your head back to the neutral position and relax the muscles.

Perform three repetitions.

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  1. Writing in the Air:

Sit up straight comfortably on a chair.

Hold a led pencil in your mouth between your lips.

Now try to write something in the air with the help of the lead pencil you’re holding in your mouth.

You can write anything. While trying to write something your head should be still only your mouth is moving.

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  1. Mewing:

The latest crazy and transforming face technique is mewing.

  1. Tongue against the roof:

You can also have a bad posture, that’s one of the reasons your face might look chubby. To fix this issue you have to keep your tongue against the roof of your mouth while you aren’t talking or eating.

Other simple hacks to avoid having chubby cheeks:

Another reason you can look puffy in the face is your body is holding in too much water. To avoid that you have to watch how much salt and sugar you eat. Fast food, crackers, chips, canned vegetables, and soups shouldn’t be in your diet often.

Instead have some bananas, avocados, oranges, yogurt, spinach, and whole grains. Try to increase your water intake, because when your body doesn’t get enough liquids it feels like it should make some supplies for the future.

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Most of these supplies get stored in your cheeks. So get at least 2 liters of water per day to avoid that.

Your face will never look slim and toned if your body doesn’t so try some cardio workout to lose extra fat faster, physical activities like running, walking, cycling & swimming increase your heart rate and speed up your makeover. 20-40 minutes per day should be enough.

If you do cardio at the gym you can also do weights afterward for a stronger effect even if you don’t have a double chin, slouching makes you look as if you do.

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So walk with confidence keep your head up, belly in and your chest out imagine you have something placed on your upper chest that you don’t want to drop.

Wear black, it’s the color most people associate with confidence and professionalism. Most importantly it creates a slimming illusion and makes your face look more angular.

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