Hip Exercises for Seniors and Older Individuals with Pictures

Hip Exercises for Seniors

knee chest exercise for seniors
Knee-Chest exercise: Lie down on a mat or a floor, hold your leg, and flex it to touch your chest

Hip Exercises for Seniors and Older Individuals are demonstrated here with pictures. Hip exercises are especially important for older individuals as the hip joint is the largest joint in the human body.

Similarly, the hip and thigh muscles are among the strongest muscles of the human body. Weak hip joints and muscles are directly related to immobility, frequent falls, and unstable gait.

Importance of Physical Activity in Old Age

old healthy man

Being physically fit is mandatory despite the age. As we age our immune system becomes less efficient which makes us prone to developing diseases like CVD, diabetes mellitus, and osteoporosis, etc.

Our physical health reflects our mental health and it is very crucial that we maintain our fitness for the sake of a healthy lifestyle.

Physical health reflects mental health

In old age, because of a weaker immune system and less efficient functioning of the body, a person’s mobility becomes somewhat restricted but not restricted enough to devoid them of their ability to exercise.

As it has countless benefits in that age, including better hip moments, a decreased risk of dementia, ability to sleep properly, the release of endorphins, and better cognition.

Particularly for the hip joints, exercise helps to strengthen that joint as it supports many movements. Due to the many benefits of physical fitness in old age, here is a list of hip exercises for seniors.

Muscles in Hip

  • Gluteus maximus
  • Gluteus medius
  • Gluteus minimus
  • Tensor fasciae latae
  • Psoas major
  • Iliacus
  • Rectus femoris
  • Sartorius

Hip exercises for Seniors and Older Individuals:

Extend your hips

This exercise is beneficial for your gluteus muscles. This requires the following steps:

  • Stand tall against a table, wall, or chair so that you can have something to hold onto for support
  • Grab the edge of the table or chair, or put your hands flat against the wall
  • Bring your left leg backward, make sure your leg is straight when you do that. Hold it in that position for a few seconds and then relax
  • Make sure your back is not arched and your knees are not bent
  • Perform the same exercise for your right leg as well
  • Repeat this exercise 10 to 12 times for both legs
hip extension exercise for seniors

Hold a chair or a wall, stand straight, and extend your leg

Bringing Knees Close to Chest

For improvement in your overall blood circulation, this exercise is good for both flexors and extensors of your hip. It is particularly important for people with lower back pain, a common issue among seniors.

For this exercise, you need to:

  • Lay down straight on a mat or a carpet
  • Simultaneously, bring your right knee and your chin towards your chest
  • Keep your knee bent when you perform this exercise
  • Wrap your arms around your knee and hold it like that for 15 to 20 seconds
  • Slowly release your leg and relax
  • Perform this exercise for your left leg too
  • This exercise can be repeated 5-10 times per day
knee chest exercise for seniors
Knee-Chest exercise: Lie down on a mat or a floor, hold your leg, and flex it to touch your chest

Leg Circles for hip strength

For improved stability and flexibility, this exercise is easy to do and will make a perfect cut in your daily routine.

To perform this exercise:

  • Stand perfectly straight and place your hands on your waist
  • Lift your right leg while standing on your left leg
  • Rotate your leg forward without bending your knee
  • Do 10 rotations forwards and then 10 rotations backward
  • Repeat this exercise for your left leg as well
leg circle exercise for seniors
leg circle exercise for seniors

Hip marches: Hip exercise for seniors and older people

Hip marching will strengthen your hip muscles and can be done in a seated posture

  • Sit comfortably in a chair and keep your back straight
  • Bring your left knee upwards, as high as you can
  • Keep your knee bent when you perform this exercise
  • Repeat the same steps for your right knee
  • Perform this exercise 10-15 times per day
hip march hip exercises for seniors
Hip March: Sit straight on a chair. Do not bend. Lift one leg as high as you can while keeping the knee in 90 degrees.

Circling Your Hips

Another beneficial exercise for your hip joints is ‘hip circles’. From improving mobility to strengthening your glutes this exercise gives you all. And it gets a bonus point for being easy to perform as well

  • Stand straight and keep your feet a few inches apart
  • Bend your knees a little
  • Rotate your hips as wide as you can
  • Both in a clockwise and anti-clockwise manner
  • Repeat this rotation 10 times every day
Hip-Circles for seniors
Hip circling exercises: Stand straight, slightly lift up your leg, and rotate

Hip/leg raises: Hip exercises for seniors:

Helps with strengthening your obliques which are involved in moving your spine. It is also known to be good for lower back pain.

Follow these steps.

  • Lay down, on your left side, on a mat or carpet.
  • Use a pillow or a soft cushion so that your sides do not hurt from lying down for long
  • Put your forearm on the mat for support
  • Gradually raise your right leg and go as high as it is possible for you
  • Bring your leg down and repeat the same step 10 times
  • Rest for a few seconds
  • Lay down on your right side this time and raise your left leg as high as you can
  • Perform these steps 10 times for both legs
hip raises exercise for old people
Hip-raises: Lie on one side. Make yourself comfortable by keeping a pillow on your side. Raise one leg straight

Sit-Stands for hip strength

Another routine for your glutes is performing sit stands. This exercise engages your hip muscles and helps to strengthen them

To perform this exercise

  • Sit in a chair with your back straight and not resting against the chair
  • Make sure the chair is firm and not soft as it will help you to stand up easily
  • Lean a few inches forward
  • With only using your legs, try to stand up straight
  • Do not use your hands for support
  • Once you stand, tighten or squeeze your glutes to fully extend your hips
  • Hold this posture for a few seconds and then let go
  • Relax and sit back in the chair but keep your back straight
  • You can repeat this set 8-10 times per day
sit stand exercise for seniors
Sit-stand exercise: Sit straight on a chair. Stand without support

Clamshells for Hips: Hip exercises for seniors

This exercise is known to strengthen and improve the gluteus medius muscles which are present on the lateral sides of the upper buttocks and help with stability.

Follow these steps to perform this exercise.

  • Lie down flat on your back
  • Keep your knees bent
  • Wrap a resistance band around your thighs
  • Slowly push your knees outwards as much as it is possible for you
  • Keep it in that position for 5 seconds and then relax your knees back to the starting position
  • Repeat this set 10 times

There is another position in which this exercise can be performed:

  • Instead of laying on your back, lie on your side with your knees bent
  • Keep the resistance band around your thighs
  • Push your knee upwards as if in a rotating manner and then bring it back to the starting position
  • Repeat this set 10 times
Clamshell Exercise sideways for hips
Clamshell Exercise sideways for hips

Guidelines to Follow before starting Hip exercises:

Before you start exercising, make sure that you have consulted your healthcare physician about every exercise involved in your routine. Take long and deep breaths between and during each exercise. Keep yourself hydrated.

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