Christmas Meal Plan: Low Calorie and Budget Friendly

Christmas Meal Plan

Christmas is just around the corner, and all the festivities have already begun. This is one of the best times of the year when you stay carefree and full-spirited with all the sparkly decor and captivating gifts.

It’s all nice and fun until mid-January when you realize that your old clothes no longer fit you. 

Although it’s hard to stay on track, specifically at this time of the year small precautions earlier can save big troubles later.

So here we have gathered some tips to help you have a healthy Christmas weight loss. If you have ever struggled with weight gain after Christmas, stay tuned to find out how you can drop off those sticky extra pounds!

low budget Christmas meal plan




Easy Tips for a Budget-friendly low-calorie Christmas Meal Plan:

It seems almost impossible to stay away from the festive meals and delicious desserts, but if you act mindfully, you’ll never lose track. Besides, these easy tips can simply work wonders!

Avoid extra sweets

Christmas comes with a lot of chocolate. You can see piles of chocolate candies everywhere, and we often lose count of how much we have eaten.

That’s where the extra calories get in. Therefore, avoid too many sweets and put a pause on your cravings. 

Or, you can just have chewing gum to stay away from all the sweets.

Load up on fruits & veggies

No matter what, fruits and vegetables are always your best companion. Also, they provide fiber, which can add up to your weight loss goals.

That’s why to focus on salads while having meals or even snacks. Moreover, the satiety from these also makes you stay away from all those high-calorie desserts.

Mindful Eating

Since all our celebrations are incomplete without desserts, nobody is going to stop you from having them. After all, it’s Christmas, and there should be no serious restrictions.

However, you can have some control over the portion size to have some control over your waist size.

Keep moving

A holiday does not mean you need to stuff food and sit on the couch all day. Make yourself busy with small tasks and keep moving to stay active and let your body metabolize faster.

Even if you have had some extra calories on Christmas, physical activity can still keep you on track.

Portion Control

It is always the portion imbalance that leads to massive weight changes. What you eat doesn’t have a big impact, but how much you eat it – that is the main concern.

For instance, if you have 3 large slices of pizza in one sitting or a double zinger and some drink, that is going to give you ample extra and unnecessary calories.

Moreover, consuming small, frequent meals with adequate portions can be helpful for weight loss.

Replace Drinks with Water

Another very useful trick is to ban the sneaky calories coming from soft drinks, juices, and other beverages. Just drink plain water instead of having some liquid calories.

Additionally, you can have 2 glasses of water before meals; this helps you eat less than usual.

Christmas meal plan for weight loss




Christmas Low-Calorie Meal Plan

If you can’t keep track of your meals during the Christmas festivities, here is a 1200-calorie weight loss plan that is easy and helps you lose the extra pounds without any specific restrictions. 

Here are 7 options. You can choose anyone on Christmas Day. You can also try one every day to enjoy a whole one-week meal with different flavors.

Day 1: 1160 Kcal/dayFood ItemCalories (Kcal)
BreakfastLemon and pepper seasoned avocado toast220
SnackLemon grass tea with honey + 1 apple150
LunchGrilled chicken and lettuce wrap with low-fat cheese (2)340
SnackDark chocolate (1 stick)120
DinnerAir-fried sweet potato fries with guacamole330


Day 2: 1159 kcal/dayFood ItemCalories (Kcal)
BreakfastChia seeds pudding with almond milk and honey 240
Snack½ cob of corn80
LunchBaked cauliflower bites with vegan cheese sauce350
Snack2-3 wheat biscuits110
DinnerLow-fat turkey Bolognese370


Day 3: 1170 Kcal/dayFood ItemCalories (Kcal)
BreakfastWhole wheat muffins + 1 glass of fat-free milk260
SnackBaked potato (½) + spiced beans (½ cup)110
LunchVegetable spaghetti with tomato sauce + pomegranate juice390
Snack1 cup caramel popcorn120
Dinner2 oz baked salmon with lemon, garlic, and herbs290


Day 4: 1170 kcal/dayFood ItemCalories (Kcal)
BreakfastScrambled eggs with 1-2 tbsp olive oil + multi-grain bread280
SnackBeetroot + green apple smoothie130
LunchBean soup with whole wheat tortilla350
SnackToasted multi-grain tea cake140
DinnerHomemade rice pilaf (1 cup) 270


Day 5: 1210 kcal/dayFood ItemCalories (Kcal)
BreakfastMushroom risotto with orange juice310
SnackCarrot and mint juice100
LunchChicken teriyaki + ½ cup rice310
SnackAmaranth muffins (2)150
DinnerCreamy coconut lentil soup with tortilla340


Day 6: 1130 kcal/dayFood ItemCalories (Kcal)
Breakfast1 cup banana and honey porridge + 1 boiled egg190
SnackApple, peach and fava bean salad with sprinkled orange juice (½ cup)150
Lunch1 slice of thin-crust veggie pizza with vegan cheese and tomato sauce370
SnackApple tea with honey (1 cup)50
DinnerCorned beef sandwiches (2)370


Day 7: 1190 kcal/dayFood ItemCalories (Kcal)
BreakfastEgg sandwich with veggies + 1 sliced apple280
SnackCantaloupe chunks (1 cup)120
LunchAvocado, and pineapple fruit salad230
SnackToasted crumpet (1)170
DinnerSesame-crusted tuna with salad and sprinkled olive oil390

Christmas meal plan 7 days




7-Day Summary of Christmas Meal Plan:

Day BreakfastSnack Lunch Snack Dinner Calories 
1.Lemon and pepper seasoned avocado toast

220 kcal

Lemon grass tea with honey + 1 apple

150 kcal

Grilled chicken and lettuce wrap with low-fat cheese (2)

340 kcal

Dark chocolate (1 stick)

120 kcal

Air-fried sweet potato fries with guacamole 

330 kcal

1160 kcal
2. Chia seeds pudding with almond milk and honey 

240 kcal

½ cob of corn

80 kcal

Baked cauliflower bites with vegan cheese sauce

350 kcal

2-3 wheat biscuits

110 kcal

Low-fat turkey Bolognese

370 kcal

1159 kcal
3.Whole wheat muffins + 1 glass of fat-free milk

260 kcal

Baked potato (½) + spiced beans (½ cup)

110 kcal

Vegetable spaghetti with tomato sauce + pomegranate juice

390 kcal

1 cup caramel popcorn

120 kcal

2 oz baked salmon with lemon, garlic, and herbs

290 kcal

4.Scrambled eggs with 1-2 tbsp olive oil + multi-grain bread

280 kcal

Beetroot + green apple smoothie

130 kcal

Bean soup with whole wheat tortilla

350 kcal

Toasted multi-grain tea cake

140 kcal

Homemade rice pilaf (1 cup) 

270 kcal

5.Mushroom risotto with orange juice

310 kcal

Carrot and mint juice

100 kcal

Chicken teriyaki + ½ cup rice

310 kcal

Amaranth muffins (2)

150 kcal

Creamy coconut lentil soup with tortilla

340 kcal

6.1 cup banana and honey porridge + 1 boiled egg

190 kcal

Apple, peach and fava bean salad with sprinkled orange juice (½ cup)

150 kcal

1 slice of thin-crust veggie pizza with vegan cheese and tomato sauce

370 kcal

Apple tea with honey (1 cup)

50 kcal

Corned beef sandwiches (2)

370 kcal

7.Egg sandwich with veggies + 1 sliced apple

280 kcal

Cantaloupe chunks (1 cup)

120 kcal

Avocado, and pineapple fruit salad

230 kcal

Toasted crumpet (1)

170 kcal

Sesame-crusted tuna with salad and sprinkled olive oil

390 kcal

1190 kcal

How to keep yourself motivated for weight loss?

It is not easy to keep up with your goals when you see your favorite foods lined up in front of you. Moreover, it has become very easy to order food online and fall off the track.

You even get food advertisements on social media. So, the question is, how to stay motivated when you have so many temptations all around?

The first rule is to practice moderation and avoid deprivation. If you deprive yourself for long, you ultimately fall harder.

For instance, if you have been suppressing your food cravings you will eventually end up with over-eating.

Besides this, if you eat your favorite foods in moderation, it’s more likely to help you keep up with the weight loss goals. 

So, if you ever crave pizza while on a diet, just go for the low-calorie options or limit your portion size rather than skipping it for days and then ending up with 4 cheesy pizza slices in a single sitting.




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