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7 Day Heart Healthy Meal Plan PDF (Free Download)

7 Day Heart Healthy Meal Plan

7 Day Heart Healthy Meal Plan PDF links of 1000 Kcal and 1500 Kcal/ day diet charts are given at the end. You can download and make changes by adding or removing calories as per your body requirements.

These diet charts focus mainly on low-sodium heart-healthy foods which may help in reducing the symptoms of congestion and heart failure.

It is essential to continue with your medicines and take the help of your cardiologist.

Heart Failure and Nutrition:

Heart failure is commonly referred to when the heart is not able to pump an adequate amount of blood resulting in congestion in the lungs.

This type of heart failure is also called congestive heart failure or the newer term, HFrEF (heart failure with reduced ejection fraction).

Most of these patients have difficulty in getting an adequate amount of air while lying down or during exercise.

It can be caused by a variety of reasons, including coronary artery disease, excessive blood pressure, and difficulties with the heart valves. 

Another commonly used term is HFpEF (heart failure with a preserved ejection fraction). This is a condition when the heart becomes stiff and can not accommodate blood.

This condition is more common, especially in diabetics, those with hypertension, and elderly people.

Proper medical treatment and dietary adjustments are critical in the management of heart failure and the improvement of quality of life.

A few dietary approaches to managing the symptoms of heart failure via dietary modifications include following the ADA and the DASH diets.

In this article, we’ll look at how a heart-healthy diet might help you manage your heart failure symptoms.

Although, the exact dietary regime depends on the patient’s condition and stage of the disease here is a sample food guide.


Why is it important to focus on diet with heart failure?

When your heart is failing, it will prioritize supplying blood to your most vital organ – your brain.

This implies that other organs will not receive as much blood as they require, preventing them from functioning properly.

The kidneys are the body’s natural filter. They remove extra vitamins, minerals, and moisture from the blood. With less blood going through the kidneys, less salt and fluid are filtered out.

Because you are already in danger of fluid buildup in your body, it is critical to keep track of how much fluid and salt you consume.


Foods to Avoid in Heart Failure

If you have heart failure, the most important task is to limit your sodium and fluid intake.

Sodium in Heart Failure

Reducing salt (sodium) intake is an important dietary therapy for those with heart failure.

Excess sodium consumption can cause fluid retention, elevated blood pressure, and more strain on the heart, worsening heart failure symptoms.

It is critical that you keep your sodium consumption to less than 2000 mg per day.

To achieve this target, you should aim for 300-500 mg of sodium every meal. This is done to avoid exacerbating the fluid buildup in your body.

Avoid Foods with High Sodium Content:

Here is a list of foods that contain extra salt and can be dangerous to a condition like heart failure.

Check on these foods in order to stay in the safe zones.

  • Packaged foods
  • Cheese
  • Ham, bacon, and deli meats
  • Pickles
  • Some types of bread
  • Chips and crackers
  • Ketchup and other sauces
  • Fast foods
  • Canned foods

Do not consume these foods unless labeled as “low-sodium” or exclusively prepared at home.

Monitor Fluid Intake

It is critical to keep track of how much fluids you consume. Extra fluid that is not filtered out by the kidneys might accumulate throughout your body.

Fluid buildup in your lungs will make breathing more difficult. Edema is the accumulation of fluid in your legs and arms.

Edema causes you to feel “puffy” or swollen because fluid accumulates beneath your skin.

Edema can be highly uncomfortable, if not painful, thus it is crucial to attempt to avoid it.

Here are some ways to keep your daily water intake within 68 fluid ounces:

  • Drink water only before or after meals.
  • Instead of drinking a full glass at a time, try taking sips between meals.
  • Avoid drinking through straws.
  • Avoid foods that increase thirst such as salty or spicy foods.
  • If you have a dry mouth, chew gum to avoid extra intake of water.

Avoid Foods High in Fluids

Here is a list of foods that have a high water content. Keep a check on these foods.

  • Smoothies
  • Puddings and ice cream
  • Soups and stews
  • Milkshakes
  • Watermelon

It is not necessary to avoid these foods just look for your daily fluid ounces and consume these foods within the daily fluid limit.


7-Day Heart Healthy Meal Plan

Here is a 7-day meal plan of 1000 kcal per day for patients with heart failure.

You can play around with your calories, reducing and increasing your daily intake according to your body’s demands by simply skipping one of the mid-day snacks.

Day 1MealFood ItemCalories (Kcal)
MondayBreakfastMixed nuts oatmeal (1 cup) + 1 apple210
SnackBaked sweet potato with lemon and pepper seasoning120
LunchSteamed chicken+ plain rice330
SnackCaramel flavored popcorns150
DinnerVegetable spaghetti (without cheese or mayo)250


Day 2MealFood ItemCalories (Kcal)
TuesdayBreakfastGreek yogurt bowl topped with frozen blueberries230
Snack1 cup mango chunks90
LunchSwiss cheese chicken sandwich (2)350
Snack½ cup peanuts (unsalted)60
DinnerVegetable brown rice290


Day 3MealFood ItemCalories (Kcal)
WednesdayBreakfastSmashed (medium) Avocado toast (2)250
SnackFruit salsa with sprinkled flaxseeds140
LunchRed bean stew ½ cup + whole wheat tortilla340
SnackDried figs (2)60
DinnerVeggie burger with light mayo290


Day 4MealFood ItemCalories (Kcal)
ThursdayBreakfastChia seed pudding topped with strawberries (1 cup)220
SnackMultigrain toast with homemade apple jam150
LunchCurried chicken tortilla wrap (1)260
SnackOat muffin (without salt)120
DinnerBaked cod (3oz) + Brown rice310


Day 5MealFood ItemCalories (Kcal)
FridayBreakfastGreek yogurt (1 cup) + Boiled egg whites (4)240
SnackCantaloupe chunks110
LunchBaked eggs with tomato sauce + whole wheat tortilla (1) + Roasted kale350
Snack12 almonds120
DinnerPopcorn (1/2 cup without salt)170


Day 6MealFood ItemCalories (Kcal)
SaturdayBreakfastMulti-grain waffles (2)260
SnackBoiled corn (1/2)70
Lunchcooked chicken rice 1 cup + beets, carrots & lettuce salad390
SnackVanilla wafers90
DinnerVegetable spaghetti (1cup)260


Day 7MealFood ItemCalories (Kcal)
SundayBreakfastHoney-glazed banana pancakes250
SnackMix bean salad with sprinkled lemon and olive oil (1 cup)150
LunchTuna salad (1 cup)230
SnackBanana + dried dates (2)100
DinnerZucchini & chicken noodles (1 cup)270



Summary of 7-Day Heart Healthy Meal Plan:

DayBreakfastSnackLunchSnackDinnerTotal Calories
MondayMixed nuts oatmeal (1 cup) + 1 apple

210 kcal

Baked sweet potato with lemon and pepper seasoning

120 kcal

Steamed chicken+ plain rice

330 kcal

Caramel flavored popcorns

150 kcal

Vegetable spaghetti (without cheese or mayo)

250 kcal

TuesdayGreek yogurt bowl topped with frozen blueberries

230 kcal

1 cup mango chunks

90 kcal

Swiss cheese chicken sandwich (2)

350 kcal

½ cup peanuts (unsalted)

60 kcal

Vegetable brown rice

290 kcal

WednesdaySmashed (medium) Avocado toast (2)

250 kcal

Fruit salsa with sprinkled flaxseeds

140 kcal

Red bean stew ½ cup + whole wheat tortilla

340 kcal

Dried figs (2)

60 kcal

Veggie burger with light mayo

290 kcal

ThursdayChia seed pudding topped with strawberries (1 cup)

220 kcal

Multigrain toast with homemade apple jam

150 kcal

Curried chicken tortilla wrap (1)

260 kcal

Oat muffin (without salt)

120 kcal

Baked cod (3oz) + Brown rice

310 kcal

1060 kcal
FridayGreek yogurt (1 cup) + Boiled egg whites (4)

240 kcal

Cantaloupe chunks

110 kcal

Baked eggs with tomato sauce + whole wheat tortilla (1) + Roasted kale

350 kcal

12 almonds

120 kcal

Popcorn (1/2 cup without salt)

170 kcal


1000 kcal
SaturdayMulti-grain waffles (2)

260 kcal

Boiled corn (1/2)

70 kcal

cooked chicken rice 1 cup + beets, carrots & lettuce salad

390 kcal

Vanilla wafers

90 kcal

Vegetable spaghetti (1cup)

260 kcal

SundayHoney-glazed banana pancakes

250 kcal

Mix bean salad with sprinkled lemon and olive oil (1 cup)

150 kcal

Tuna salad (1 cup)

230 kcal

Banana + dried dates (2)

100 kcal

Zucchini & chicken noodles (1 cup)

270 kcal

1000 kcal

A link to the 1000 kcal per day 7 day heart healthy meal plan PDF version is here: Download 1000 kcal per day 7 day heart healthy meal plan PDF


7-Day Heart Healthy Meal Plan: 1500 Kcal per day:

Here is a day-wise meal plan for patients with heart failure. These daily meal plans have an estimated 1500 kcal per day.

You can easily modify these meal plans by simply skipping the snacks or reducing the quantity to half.

Day 1MealFood ItemCalories (Kcal)
MondayBreakfastTomato basil & avocado sandwich250
SnackRoasted harissa potatoes160
LunchTurkey Bolognese with whole wheat pasta (made with cottage cheese)450
SnackSpinach muffin150
DinnerAirfryer veggie frittata390


Day 2MealFood ItemCalories (Kcal)
TuesdayBreakfastBanana split yogurt bowl topped with hemp seeds290
Snack1 cup papaya chunks90
LunchSalmon mango and avocado salad bowl410
SnackStrawberry jam fig toast130
DinnerTuna and spinach pasta with olive oil450


Day 3MealFood ItemCalories (Kcal)
WednesdayBreakfastScrambled egg with avocado toast280
SnackRoasted carrot sticks with hummus190
LunchChickpea & and asparagus tahini salad370
SnackAir fried peaches (2)120
DinnerCrunchy cauliflower bites400


Day 4MealFood ItemCalories (Kcal)
ThursdayBreakfastGreen onion pancakes with kimchi310
SnackBoiled egg whites (2)90
LunchTurkey chili (homemade) with whole wheat tortilla430
SnackCashew granola bar (1)150
DinnerAvocado and cottage cheese toast380


Day 5MealFood ItemCalories (Kcal)
FridayBreakfastApple pie oats bowl240
Snack½ cup strawberries and cherries100
LunchChicken and edamame rice bowl390
SnackCaramelized banana140
DinnerGrilled chicken sandwich with avocado450


Day 6MealFood ItemCalories (Kcal)
SaturdayBreakfastGrilled pineapple yogurt bowl with chia seeds270
SnackRoasted chickpeas ½ cup120
LunchHoney chipotle salmon with pineapple chunks430
SnackOatmeal apricot bar (1)170
DinnerGarlic and herbs shrimp pasta420


Day 7MealFood ItemCalories (Kcal)
SundayBreakfastBlueberry pancakes210
SnackAlmonds and raisins (6+6)120
LunchCauliflower curry with whole wheat tortilla410
SnackDried apricots and figs120
DinnerBaked brussel sprouts and caramelized onions bowl topped with sesame seeds460



Summary of 7-Day Heart Healthy Meal Plan: 1500 Kcal per day

Here is a summary of a 7-day heart-healthy meal plan.

DayBreakfastSnackLunchSnackDinnerTotal Calories
MondayTomato basil & avocado sandwich

250 kcal

Roasted harissa potatoes

160 kcal

Turkey Bolognese with whole wheat pasta (made with cottage cheese)

450 kcal

Spinach muffin

150 kcal

Airfryer veggie frittata

390 kcal

TuesdayBanana split yogurt bowl topped with hemp seeds

290 kcal

1 cup papaya chunks

90 kcal

Salmon mango and avocado salad bowl

410 kcal

Strawberry jam fig toast

130 kcal

Tuna and spinach pasta with olive oil

450 kcal

1370 kcal
WednesdayScrambled egg with avocado toast

280 kcal

Roasted carrot sticks with hummus

190 kcal

Chickpea & and asparagus tahini salad

370 kcal

Air fried peaches (2)

120 kcal

Crunchy cauliflower bites

400 kcal

1350 kcal
ThursdayGreen onion pancakes with kimchi

310 kcal

Boiled egg whites (2)

90 kcal

Turkey chili (homemade) with whole wheat tortilla

430 kcal

Cashew granola bar (1)

150 kcal

Avocado and cottage cheese toast

380 kcal

1360 kcal
FridayApple pie oats bowl

240 kcal

½ cup strawberries and cherries

100 kcal

Chicken and edamame rice bowl

390 kcal

Caramelized banana

140 kcal

Grilled chicken sandwich with avocado

450 kcal

1320 kcal
SaturdayGrilled pineapple yogurt bowl with chia seeds

270 kcal

Roasted chickpeas ½ cup

120 kcal

Honey chipotle salmon with pineapple chunks

430 kcal

Oatmeal apricot bar (1)

170 kcal

Garlic and herbs shrimp pasta

420 kcal

1410 kcal
SundayBlueberry pancakes

210 kcal

Almonds and raisins (6+6)

120 kcal

Cauliflower curry with whole wheat tortilla

410 kcal

Dried apricots and figs

120 kcal

Baked brussel sprouts and caramelized onions bowl topped with sesame seeds

460 kcal

1370 kcal

A link to the 1500 kcal per day 7 day heart healthy meal plan PDF version is here: Download 1500 kcal per day 7 day heart healthy meal plan PDF


The ADA recommends taking your meal in three portions comprising [Ref]:

  • 50% Non-Starchy Vegetables
  • 25% protein foods
  • 25% Carbohydrates

You can manage your diabetes and heart disease following this simple “Diabetes Plate Method”

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