4 Best Facial Exercises to Slim Face and Cheeks

Face Slimming Exercises

These 4 Best Facial Exercises to Slim Face and Cheeks have been selected by our physiotherapist. These include:

  1. Jaw release exercises
  2. Lymphatic drainage exercises
  3. Cheek Puff Exercises, and 
  4. Mewing

A face with well-defined and sharp features has become the epitome of beauty standards.

From a thinner nose to a sharper jawline, individuals aim to achieve these features via an array of available options.

These include:

  • Losing weight
  • Adopting a hairstyle that makes your face look slim
  • Makeup  techniques
  • Facial Exercises to Slim Face and Cheeks
  • Medical Procedures such as removing face fat or facial liposuction
  • Cosmetic procedures (Dermal fillers and Botox)

The first 4 are the cheapest options. Losing weight can be difficult at times, hairstyling and makeup techniques can be too temporary, while face slimming exercises can have long-lasting effects

There are specific face exercises that can help you achieve a slim and sculpted face and to help you achieve a well-defined jawline and get rid of your double chin.

These face exercises are not only easy to do, but they are also super effective in toning your facial muscles.

Allowing you to have a slimmer and defined face while helping you be a more confident version of yourself.

There are many different exercises, each specific in its way that help to change and shape the face.

4 Best Facial Exercises to Slim Face and Cheeks


Here are the 4 Best Facial Exercises to Slim Face and Cheeks:

1. Jaw release exercise

One of the most effective face exercises for slimming down your face is the jaw release exercise.

This exercise helps to target your double chin and helps in tightening the muscles around your jawline.

To do this exercise, simply sit or stand in an upright position and tilt your head as far back as

Possible without any pain or discomfort. Now, move your lower jaw upwards and downwards in a way similar to a chewing motion.

Repeat this motion for as many repetitions as you can but ideally around 20-30 reps around 2-4 times a day for best results.

You will be amazed at how quickly you will start to notice a difference in the shape of your face.

2. Lymphatic drainage massage

The accumulation of lymphatic fluid can make your facial features such as your nose or cheeks seem bigger than they are.

A gentle lymphatic massage can help drain away the excess fluid that is retained in your face giving you a more defined look.

The excess fluid once properly drained via the lymphatic system can give your features a sharper look such as smaller cheeks, a defined jawline, and a sharper nose as well.

To perform this lymphatic drainage firstly make sure your hands and face are thoroughly clean.

After washing your hands and making sure your face is clean, apply some lotion, cream, or oil, anything to allow your hands to be lubricated as they glide across your face.

After your face has been moisturized you can massage the face to drain the lymph nodes.

Taking your index finger bend it and using your knuckle place it right next to your nostril apply gentle pressure and in a sweeping motion move towards your ear.

When you reach the front of the ear move and drag your knuckle towards your neck to drain the fluid downwards.

Similarly taking your index and middle finger, bending them, and making a pinching motion, pinch the skin of the jaw from directly below the chin, moving outwards towards the corner of the jaw, then moving down the neck to drain the fluid down the neck.

Doing this daily can show the best results, it is ideal to do this at night before sleeping.

A few precautions to keep in mind are to make sure the face and hands are clean, before starting the massage make sure you have moisturized your face, and the pressure of pressing your knuckle should not cause any pain or discomfort, instead, it should feel like a gentle pressing feeling.

4 Best Facial Exercises to Slim Face and Cheeks 2

3. Cheek puff exercise

Another great exercise for slimming down your face is the cheek puff exercise. This exercise helps in toning your cheeks and also helps give your face a natural lift.

To do this exercise, take a deep breath in through your nose and while making sure your mouth is firmly closed, puff out your cheeks with the air inside your mouth.

Hold this position for a few seconds and then release the air slowly through your mouth. Repeat this exercise for 10-15 repetitions 2-3 times daily.

This will help tone the muscles of your cheek and give your cheekbones a more defined look.

4. Mewing

Mewing is a simple yet powerful method of exercise that can tighten the muscles around your jaw and in your mouth as well.

Giving the face a smaller and tighter look. You can easily perform this exercise, you can start by placing the tongue on the roof of the mouth.

Pressing your tongue upwards will make you feel a slight stretch in your neck and chin area.

Mewing can help reshape your jaw while also enhancing the facial symmetry of the face, since it is easy to do and has remarkable results it has gained a massive following.

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Consistency is the Key!

Facial exercises don’t require any expensive gadgets or any other costly facial enhancement surgeries.

Just like any other exercise, consistency is key, with discipline, dedication, and consistency results are guaranteed.

The results of facial exercises may not be immediate, but with patience and persistence, you can gradually notice significant changes in your facial appearance.

Incorporating these exercises into your day-to-day life is not a hindrance as they are not time-consuming but rather convenient and easy.


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