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Miralax Vs Linzess: Which is Better Miralax or Linzess?

Miralax vs Linzess compares the time-tested drug Polyethylene Glycol or Miralax vs Linzess, a newly approved medicine used to treat constipation.

Miralax vs Linzess Indications:

Linzess is approved for the treatment of chronic constipation without any underlying cause and IBS-C (irritable bowel syndrome with predominant symptoms of constipation).

Miralax is a gentle stool softener. It is indicated for the treatment of occasional constipation. 

Miralax vs Linzess Cost:

Linzess is only available if prescribed to you by your doctor. It is a prescription-only medicine. 

Miralax is available over the counter without the need for a prescription. It is an OTC medicine and can be easily bought from local shops and pharmacies.

Linzess, apart from the doctor’s consultations, is very costly. A one-month supply of Linzess will easily cost you around $500.

Miralax costs around $2.25 per packet. Depending on how frequently you require it, it can cost you around 30 to 45$ per month.



Miralax vs Linzess: Does Linzess work better than Miralax?

Linzess vs Miralax vs linzess linaclotide for constipation

Linzess is very effective in relieving chronic constipation. It stimulates gut movements which is a major problem in the elderly.

In addition, Linzess increases the water content of the intestines by opening water and electrolyte channels in the intestines.

Linzess also relieves abdominal pain, probably acting on the visceral neurons, and may relieve anxiety associated with IBS.

Miralax is a mild gentle stool softener. It can be used if you have occasional constipation that is not severe enough to require consulting a doctor.

Compared to Linzess which takes 1 to 3 days to relieve constipation, Miralax may take 2 to 5 days to relieve constipation. Hence, Miralax has a relatively slow onset of action.

However, Miralax, unlike most osmotic laxatives, is resistant to degradation in the gut.

Hence it does not alter the gut bacteria and may not cause bloating, gases, and abdominal pain which are common with other osmotic laxatives such as laxatives.

In clinical trials, Miralax relieved constipation in about half of the patients.



Can you take Linzess and Miralax Together?

No. Unless prescribed by your doctor. Linzess is a strong laxative. It can result in dehydration and renal failure necessitating hospitalization.

Because children are highly at risk of developing dehydration, it is not indicated for use in children for the same reason.

Likewise, it should be taken by aged people with extreme caution. The recommended doses should not be exceeded.

Linzess should NOT be used with Miralax or any other laxative unless your doctor prescribes it.

Although Miralax (osmotic laxative) and bulk-forming laxatives such as psyllium (Metamucil) are better than irritant and stimulant laxatives when used with Linzess, the decision should be taken by your doctor.


Can you switch from Linzess to Miralax?

Yes. In fact most people who are prescribed Linzess do switch back to Miralax once they feel their symptoms have almost resolved.

For some people, cost is a major issue. For such people, Miralax can be a cheap and effective alternative.

For people who do not respond to Miralax, they may give Linzess a try. Linzess can relieve constipation in about 20% of people who have not responded to any treatment.

In addition, Linzess is one of the best drugs for people with IBS and predominant symptoms of constipation, abdominal pain, and anxiety.

Which is Better: Miralax or Linzess?

How did you find Miralax or Linzess? Did it help you? Please vote at the end of the post to see how many people find these two drugs effective.

  • Question of

    Which one of these medicines have you used for constipation?

    • Linzess
    • Miralax
    • None
    • Both
  • Question of

    Which medicine helped you the most?

    • Linzess
    • Miralax
    • None
    • Both
    • I haven’t used these medicines
  • Question of

    Why did you use these medicines?

    • For occasional constipation
    • For chronic constipation
    • For IBS-C (Constipation predominant IBS)
    • I haven’t used these medicines
  • Question of

    Which drug do you recommend for constipation?

    • Linzess
    • Miralax
    • Both
    • None
  • Question of

    What was the main reason you opted for Linzess or Miralax?

    • I opted for Miralax because its cheap
    • I opted for Miralax because its available OTC
    • I opted for Miralax because Linzess didn’t work for me
    • I was prescribed Linzess because Miralax didn’t help me
    • I was prescribed Linzess because I had chronic constipation
    • I was prescribed Linzess because I had IBS-C

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