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11 Healthy Foods to Burn Fat Quickly and Gain Muscles

Foods to Burn Fat

11 Healthy Foods to Burn Fat:

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11 Healthy Foods to Help You Burn Fat:

  • Fatty fish:

Fatty fish and lean fish such as COD have high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids help regulate leptin and adipokine levels.

It also helps in improving satiety and fullness. When combined with a calorie-restricted diet, it may favorably alter the metabolic changes associated with calorie restriction and weight loss.

Aim for 2 servings per week. The recommended intake for an average American is 8 oz of fish (or seafood) per week, which would provide about 250 mg/day of EPA and DHA [Ref]

  • MCT oil:

MCT stands for “medium chain triglycerides”. MCT boosts metabolism and reduces hunger.

In one study, MCT oil resulted in greater weight loss, fat loss, and trunk fat mass compared to olive oil [Ref].

Here are some excellent food sources of MCT oil:

  • Coconut Oil (It contains about 60-65% MCTs, primarily in the form of lauric acid, caprylic acid, and capric acid)
  • Palm Kernel Oil (It has MCT in the form of caprylic acid and capric acid)
  • Dairy Products (Dairy obtained from grass-fed cows contains MCTs. Butter, cheese, and whole milk have variable amounts of MCT oil).
  • MCT Oil Supplements (These are derived from coconut or palm kernel oil)
  • Emulsified MCT Oil
  • MCT Oil Powder (Powder form is best for protein shakes or baking)
  • Brain Octane Oil (It is sourced from coconut oil and is more ketogenic)
  • Commercial Blends (Available for weight loss and as sports nutrition)

You can use MCT oil by starting with 1 tsp and gradually increasing to 2 tbsp per day.

  • Coffee:

Moderate caffeine intake (4-5 cups) can help burn fat. Coffee enhances your body’s metabolic processes.

It burns your fats, however, if you are adding too much sugar or milk, you may not get the most benefits.

  • Eggs:

Egg has a high protein content. It is nutrient-dense keeps you full and promotes fat-burning when taken in moderate amounts.

Up to 3 eggs per week is generally recommended. However, egg whites which contain most proteins can be taken daily for breakfast.

Egg yolk is one of the components of a ketogenic diet. It contains cholesterol and should be eaten for satiety only.

  • Green tea:

Green tea provides caffeine and EGCG, an antioxidant linked to fat burning.

While green tea is usually taken after meals, it may be taken before meals to make you feel full and help your satiety. 

Aim for 2-3 cups daily (before each meal, if you are planning to burn fats).

  • Whey protein:

Whey protein suppresses appetite and promotes fat burning.

Consider a whey protein shake as a meal or snack.

  • Apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar may increase fat burning, but data is limited.

Start with 1 tsp diluted in water and gradually increase to 1 tbsp per day.

  • Chili peppers:

Capsaicin may help with fullness and prevent overeating.

Spice up your meals with chili peppers or cayenne pepper.

  • Oolong tea:

Contains polyphenols and caffeine, both linked to weight loss.

Enjoy a few cups of oolong tea regularly.

  • Full-fat Greek yogurt:

Full-fat Greek yogurt is an excellent source of protein, potassium, and calcium.

It may boost weight and fat loss. Choose plain, full-fat yogurt.

  • Olive oil:

Healthy fat with oleic acid shown to positively impact fat and body mass.

Drizzle olive oil on salads or cooked food.

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