Exercise to Make Lips Bigger: Try These 7 Easy Steps

Exercises for Bigger Lips

Like any part of the body, there is no one exercise to make lips bigger and plump.

There are 18 muscles involved in the different movements of the lips, 9 on each side, 4 + 4 (8 controlling movements of the upper lips and 5 + 5 (10 controlling movements of the lower lips.

Hence, different exercises help your lip muscles become more plump. 7 easy-to-perform exercises to make lips bigger and Fuller are discussed here.

According to the modern beauty standards of today, fuller and plumper lips are viewed as attractive.

While some may be naturally blessed with full lips many individuals especially girls may be insecure about their lips.

Going under the knife may seem scary and not an easy option for many which is why there are many tips and tricks online that can help you attain a more plump look naturally.

Fuller lips can make the dimensions of your face and your facial features look more captivating.

To achieve this many options are present such as using makeup with shadows to make them appear bigger, or using plumping lip glasses infused with peppermint essential oil which can temporarily cause the lips to swell and give a fuller look.

Multiple facial and lip exercises too can help in achieving this but like all other non-invasive options these results are temporary and eventually the lips will go back to their normal size.

The face and lips are composed of many muscles and just like any other muscle using it or exercising it will increase its size but only temporarily, over time if you stop exercising the muscles will go back to the way it was.


A few exercises you can try incorporating into your day-to-day life for a fuller lip look are listed below:

1. Smiling and Kiss Exercise to Make Lips Bigger:


smiling and kiss exercises to make lips bigger

This exercise alternates between two movements, smiling and then kissing. While smiling make sure your mouth is closed and your lips are firmly yet gently pressed together.

After that try smiling like you’re trying to touch the corners of your face. After this position is held for 3-5 seconds you can move to the next movement which is kissing.

While performing this movement try to pucker your lips like a kiss and push your lips forward, hold this position for 3-5 seconds and the rest.

Repeat this exercise about 10-15 times trying to increase the hold period of each movement for up to 10 seconds.


2. Making an “O”:

exercise to make lips bigger and fuller

To perform this exercise try to form the shape of an “O”. For this you can pucker your lips as you do for a kiss but part them slightly from the middle to form a circular shape that resembles an “O”.

As you do this exercise you will start to feel a stretch around your cheeks. As you perform this exercise your cheeks will tense up and those muscles will also contract.

Hold this position for about 10-15 seconds and repeat the exercise at least 10 times.


3. Lip Circles Exercise to Make Lips Bigger:

For lip circles your lips start in a puckered position and your mouth should be closed.

You then start by pressing your lips together and pushing them forward and then moving them towards one side and holding it for a few seconds, or you can count to three, then move them to the opposite side.

Continue this movement and once you’ve got the hang of it you can try moving them in a figure of 8 pattern. Perform this exercise about 10 times for optimal results. 

4. Sucking your finger or thumb:

sucking finger exercises to make lips look bigger

With this exercise, you can easily target your lips if you want to tighten and tone them.

To perform this exercise make sure your hands are clean and bring a finger or thumb towards your mouth.

Insert it in your mouth and suck on the finger or thumb that you have placed inside your mouth.

In this way, you will mimic a small child how they suck on their thumbs. When you do this the muscles of the lips and cheeks will contract.

Hold this position for as long as you can without causing yourself pain or discomfort ideally around 5-10 seconds and then open your mouth and release your finger or thumb. You can do this exercise for a repetition of 10 times.


5. Resisted smiles

Place your first fingers or index fingers from both hands at either corner of the mouth. Making sure to point them upwards towards the sky.

Then press firmly yet gently and try smiling, the force of resistance from the fingers will make it harder to smile and help you feel a stretch.

Hold for as long as possible without pain and discomfort, and then release. Ideally, for 10-15 seconds repeat this 5 times.

smiling girl how to make lips bigger

6. Tongue Twister Exercise to Make Lips Bigger:

To perform this exercise you need to close your mouth and push from the inside forward with your tongue making clockwise circles three times, then making three circles with your tongue once again but in an anti-clockwise direction.

Repeat this motion alternating between clockwise and anti-clockwise every three circles and continue to do this exercise for a total of 2 minutes.


7. Upper Lip Stretch Exercise to Make Lips Bigger:

To perform an upper lip stretch place your first fingers or index fingers from both hands directly above the lips.

Make sure the fingers are pointing at each other. Next, you want to gently press inwards and slightly pull both of your fingers in the opposite directions.

Holding this stretch for about 30-45 seconds and then relaxing, you can repeat it 4-5 times.

exercise to make lips bigger and fuller and plump

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