How to Get a Slimmer Nose: Reshape Your Nose with 4 Simple Exercises

Reshape your nose

How to get a slimmer nose? Can you really reshape your nose?

Yes! If you want to change your nose, you can opt for a nose reshaping surgery. If you want to temporarily improve your appearance, you can opt for a Botox injection.

However, if you are not in a hurry, the easiest way is to perform some nose-reshaping exercises daily. It may take months for you to notice a change in your nostrils and face.

This article is about “how to get a slimmer nose naturally with exercise”

How to get a slimmer nose naturally?

Facial beauty is important to many individuals worldwide today. Having sharp chizeled and defined features has become the goal of many.

From using makeup to exercise to even surgery, individuals who want these desired features have abundant options to choose from.

Be it a non-invasive and traditional route or an easier but heavy-on-the-pocket route of surgery.

Among these beauty standards are fuller lips, double eyelids, slimmer noses, and defined and sharp jawlines to name a few.

The most common way to reshape your nose is via a surgery called a rhinoplasty which is more commonly known as a nose job, but since it’s the most common way doesn’t mean it is the only option that actually shows results. 

Attaining many of these is possible with the help of exercise. Exercises are a safer and easier option as compared to invasive surgical options which require time for healing and recovery.

In addition, the results of the change are mostly permanent, and altering them again can lead to complications.

how to get slimmer nose without surgery with exercises


A few exercises that can help you in your path to reshaping your nose are listed below:

1. Lymphatic Drainage Massage: 

Often, the accumulation of lymphatic fluid can make the face and nose seem bigger than they are.

A gentle massage can help drain away the excess fluid that is retained giving you a more defined look.

This draining of fluid can make your nose seem sharper and smaller as the area around it has decreased in size due to the excess fluid being made to drain and flow.

To perform this lymphatic drainage make sure your hands and face are clean. After thoroughly washing your hands and making sure your face is clean, apply some lotion, cream, or oil, anything to allow your hands to be lubricated as they glide across your face.

After your face has been moisturized you can massage the face to drain the lymph nodes.

Taking your index finger bend it and using your knuckle place it right next to your nostril apply gentle pressure and in a sweeping motion move towards your ear.

When you reach the front of the ear move and drag your knuckle towards your neck to drain the fluid downwards.

Doing this daily can show the best results, it is ideal to do this at night before sleeping.

A few precautions to keep in mind are to make sure the face and hands are clean, before starting the massage make sure you have moisturized your face, and the pressure of pressing your knuckle should not cause any pain or discomfort, instead, it should feel like a gentle pressing feeling.

how to get slimmer nose with exercise


2. Nose Stretch Exercises:

To shorten the bridge of the nose you can perform a nose stretch, to do this exercise make sure your hands are clean, taking your thumb and index finger grabbing the tip of the nose, and using the index finger of the other hand, you can push your nose upwards.

After this position is made, move your upper lip downwards till you feel a slight stretch. 

Another way to feel the stretch more easily and effectively is by performing a modified or different version of the same exercise.

For this, you begin by smiling as wide as you can while keeping your lips together firmly.

Next taking your index finger you can push your nose upwards to the extent when you begin to feel the stretch on the side of your nose.

Try to focus on the muscle when performing the exercise repeating this as frequently as you’d like but for around 10 minutes daily for optimal results.

A precaution to keep in mind is to not use excessive force while pushing the nose and stop in between to take deep breaths.

how to get slimmer nose with exercise o breathing exercises


3. The ‘O’ breathing exercise

This exercise helps in slimming down the size of the nose, it helps give a sharper and slimmer look to your nose.

To perform this exercise firstly make sure your hands and face are clean. Start by making an ‘O’ shape with your mouth, then use your index fingers to move them inwards and partially close your nose so that you can still breathe through your nose.

Instead of using both index fingers, you can also slightly pinch your nose with the help of your index finger and thumb making the air flow partially blocked.

Now try looking up at the ceiling and try to breathe in and out through your nose while trying to flare your nostrils.

To see results it is recommended to do this exercise for 5-10 minutes a day and you can even do it multiple times a day.

how to get slimmer nose reshape your nose without surgery


4. Breathing Pranayama 

Breathing exercises performed in a specific manner with the proper resistance can help shape the nose.

This breathing exercise can help alter the shape of your nose. Begin by sitting in a relaxed crossed-legged position, start by taking a few deep breaths, then use your thumb to block one nostril inhale, and exhale through the other opened nostril.

Then inhale through the open nostril, after inhaling use your finger to close it and switch the nostrils, then with the previously closed nostril that is now open exhale.

Repeat this exercise while alternating between nostrils while inhaling and exhaling.

You can repeat this process for 5-10 minutes gradually increasing the time as you progress, but like all exercises to notice a visible change and difference, consistency is key.

Breathing Pranayama how to get slimmer nose


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