Does Dupixent Help With Food Allergies?

Dupixent for Food Allergies

Food allergies affect millions of people globally, which has made navigating restrictions and fearing the risk of severe reactions a norm for victims.

Food allergies can lead to aversion to your favorite foods and foods that are considered healthy.

However, there is hope as more biological medicines have flooded the markets. These biological medicines target specific pathways of the allergic and immune cascade.

Dupixent (Dupilumab) is one such biological drug that targets specific pathways of the immune system.

It is currently used to treat asthma, severe eczema, and other allergic conditions. Surprisingly, it has attracted some attention because of its potential for preventing food allergies.

The FDA has not yet approved Dupixent for treating food allergies. The question “How effective is Dupixent for food allergies” is still being studied.


Dupixent and the Immune System

The immune system is an incredible defense mechanism that guards us against invading pathogens, infections, or allergens.

However, in the case of food allergies, this perfect system starts malfunctioning. As a result, it identifies the harmless proteins as a threat and triggers an allergic reaction.

This is the concept of all allergic conditions. The immune mechanism that protects us is too sensitive to certain food allergens.

The immune cascade that should protect us actually harms our tissues (the GI tract and skin especially in case of food allergies).

The said reaction can range from mild symptoms to anaphylaxis, a life-threatening condition.

Dupixent: a targeted approach to calming the immune system

Dupixent is a biological medicine, which means that it takes a precise approach to target particular molecules involved in the immune response.

This is unlike the corticosteroids and antihistamines which are used to treat allergic reactions of any sort and have a broader effect. The less specific a drug is, the greater the side effects are.

Dupixent targets two important mediators of the inflammatory and allergic reaction cascade:

  1. Interleukin-4 (IL-4)
  2. Interleukin-13 (IL-13)

These IL (interleukins) are messengers within the immune system displaying a type of response called type-2 immunity.

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Type 2 immunity: the culprit behind allergic inflammation

The immune system is not a singular entity. It is a complex network that stays interconnected for optimum function.

Furthermore, type-2 immunity plays an integral role in protecting from parasitic infections.

Unfortunately, this same response also mediates food allergies as they go into overdrive.

Mistakenly, it considers the proteins in foods as an invading pathogen and triggers the secretion of inflammatory chemicals. This is essentially a display of signs and symptoms of allergic response. [ref].


Dupixent’s potential: disrupting the allergic cascade

Since the interleukins are a part of type-2 immunity’s dramatic reaction, Dupixent blocks them and interrupts the pathway.

This shows its potential in calming the immune system and lessening the severity of allergic infections.

In other words, Dupixent interferes in the progression of a vital step in the allergic cascade; this proposes a new approach to managing food allergies.

Current Research on Dupixent and Food Allergies

Studies that focus on Dupixent against food allergies are limited. But if we use a broader term and focus on its class ‘biological drugs,’ there is convincing evidence.

A study published in March 2024 highlights the potential of the latest biological medicines for treating allergic conditions including food allergies [ref].

A review from 2021 says that biologics can synergistically work with oral immunotherapy and show a long-lasting and effective relief for food allergies [ref].


Important considerations for patients and caregivers

We understand that Dupixent’s potential against food allergies is a rather exciting concept. However, we need to look at things with a balanced perspective. Here are some points that you must keep in mind:

  • Dupixent is Not a Replacement for Expert Care:

Even though Dupixent for food allergy is a form of a new treatment, this is still not a substitute for professional help.

We can not stress the importance of consulting a certified allergist if you have experienced any reactions.

A trained person will take a deeper look at your condition and devise a plan for you while considering your specific needs and medical history.

The goal is to find the best way to manage your food allergies so you can have fewer episodes and live more freely.

  • Dupixent is Investigational for Food Allergies:

Despite its role in an allergic reaction, it must be noted that Dupixent is not FDA-approved. Since the approval process is quite large-scale and involves a great number of subjects, we are not sure when to expect an official announcement.

However, it will be worth the wait since these trials are designed to evaluate the efficiency of a drug and monitor its potential side effects.

  • Potential Side Effects Exist:

Every medicine has its side effects, and so does Dupixent. It can range from injection site reactions to cold sore to eyelid inflammation.

Before initiating treatment, it is crucial to discuss these with your doctor and determine if Dupixent is an appropriate option for you.


Looking forward: the future of food allergy treatment

The continued research into Dupixent’s effects against food allergies is a ray of hope for people.

Food allergies could be easier to manage using a biological drug in the near future.

While researchers are investigating the potential role of Dupixent in treating food allergies, we should wait and do our best to avoid foods that we are allergic to.

In addition, Dupixent is not the only therapy for food allergies. There are ‘desensitization’ approaches and oral immunotherapy (OIT).

These strategies aim to guide the immune system towards tolerating allergens and leading to long-term relief.

Remember, you’re not alone 👩🏼‍🤝‍🧑:

It is difficult to live with food allergies, but you are not alone in this fight. The best choice is to seek medical help once you sense any reaction.

When Dupixent is FDA-approved for treating food allergies, professionals can help you discuss potential treatment options and create a plan for managing your food allergies.

They can also keep you updated on any new developments regarding potential strategies.

You should also keep yourself equipped with the best lifestyle modifications that can make your journey through allergies a breeze.

Lastly, keep a food diary. It can help you identify foods you are allergic to.


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