15 Hidden Symptoms of ADHD in Adults

Weird ADHD Symptoms

ADHD, as the name suggests is a syndrome complex of two closely related symptoms:

  • Inattentiveness and
  • Impulsiveness/ Hyperactivity.

Individuals with ADHD commonly have symptoms of inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness.

Some individuals with ADHD are geniuses. They even don’t think ADHD is about inattention. Rather they say it’s actually the opposite. They struggle to shift their focus from what truly captivates them.

When you add in an interest in, well, nearly everything, you end up with a typical day for someone with ADHD – jumping from one thing to another and losing track of time.

Some of the hidden symptoms of ADHD in adults are listed here.


15 Hidden Symptoms of ADHD in Adults:

hidden symptoms of adhd in adults
Symptoms of ADHD in adults
  • Delaying Tasks:

Adults with ADHD often delay doing tasks and end up rushing at the last minute.

Delaying Task: What a Redditor Experienced …

I had dinner plans tonight, but I really wanted to play a video game or watch a specific TV show at 10 p.m.

So, during dinner, I kept checking the time to make sure it wasn’t 10 p.m. yet. When it finally arrived, every minute felt like agony because I couldn’t do what I wanted.

  • Struggle with Planning and Getting Organized:

They might have a tough time making plans and keeping things tidy. Unlike normal people, patients with ADHD may have a thousand plans for a simple task but end up doing nothing.

Always Planning: What a Redditor Experienced …

It’s common for me to have a never-ending list of tasks in my head. I know each task, but I struggle to get started.

Also, I often begin one task that comes to mind but quickly get distracted by another, which stops me from making progress on my main tasks.

  • Blurt Things Out:

Sometimes, they might say things without thinking, which can sometimes get them into trouble in conversations.

Blurt Things Out: What a Redditor Experienced …

Recently I told a very big secret and I feel like ADHD is slowly ruining all my friendships.

I just want to be socially normal and able to keep a secret and I don’t know what to do anymore. I tell everyone not to tell me any secrets but they won’t listen.

  • Mood Swings:

They may have quick changes in their feelings, going from happy to angry or sad.

Mood swings in ADHD adult
Mood swings

Mood Swings: What a Redditor Experienced …

I used to be a total mess when it came to handling my emotions. The tiniest stuff could set me off, and I’d get all angry, sad, or down in the dumps.

It’s kind of ridiculous when I look back at it now, the stuff I used to flip out over. And then, I’d get pissed at myself and feel super embarrassed that I let such small stuff mess with my mood, which just made things even more messed up.

  • Forgetfulness:

Adults with ADHD might forget appointments, chores, or other important stuff.

Forgetting Things

It freaks me out how often I forget things, whether it’s stuff for school or just life in general. I have to keep jotting things down all the time so I don’t end up forgetting crucial stuff.

  • Messy Spaces:

Keeping their home or workplace organized can be a real challenge for them.

Messy Spaces

My room is a total mess, covered in clothes, dirty dishes, and chip bags.

The only thing that stops me from getting buried in all this trash is this weird compulsion to clean it all up. It seems to hit me about every two weeks or so.

  • Up-and-Down Work Performance:

They might do really well one day and not so great the next because it’s hard for them to stay consistent.

Not Being Consistent

I used to have this great job that I enjoyed, it paid decently, and they allowed me to work from home. In the first five months, I was crushing it as an employee.

However, the past four months haven’t been so hot. I couldn’t keep up with the demands of a major project, and today I got let go. I’ve become disorganized, super slow, struggle with meeting deadlines, and keep missing important details.

  • Doing Things on Impulse:

They can sometimes make quick decisions without thinking them through.

Impulsive Behavior

These are some of the things I have noticed:

Overeating, buying things I don’t need, investing too much time in things that are meaningless/unimportant.

  • Starting but Not Finishing:

Adults with ADHD may begin projects with lots of excitement but struggle to finish them.

Starting Things, Not Finishing Them

I have the habit of starting things and then leaving them hanging, making me start a book, join the gym, or kick off a DIY project, only to leave them unfinished, which can be extremely irritating.

  • Feeling Restless:

They might feel like they always need to be doing something, even when it’s not the right time.

Feeling Restless

I feel restless all the time, shifting from one activity to another like a never-ending movie night, gaming session, or scrolling through social media. It’s hard to find peace amid this restlessness.

  • Scrambled Thoughts:

It can be difficult for them to keep their thoughts and ideas organized.

Scrambled Thoughts …

My thoughts often resemble a chaotic jigsaw puzzle, where I’m trying to piece together conversations, tasks, and ideas like a mishmash of missing puzzle pieces. It’s like having my thoughts in a constant state of disarray, which can be incredibly frustrating.

  • Feeling Sensitive:

Some adults with ADHD are sensitive to things like noise, light, or textures, which can be distracting.

I am so sensitive …

I am so sensitive. I feel like walking on emotional eggshells, where even the smallest comments or gestures, like a casual remark or a friendly tease, can hit me like a ton of bricks, leaving me emotionally rattled and overwhelmed.

  • Low Self-Esteem:

People with ADHD might feel bad about themselves because they face these challenges.

Low Self- Esteem

Struggling with low self-esteem feels like constantly battling an inner critic that amplifies every flaw, failure, or mistake, leaving me feeling unworthy, inadequate, and doubting my abilities and worth.

  • Constant Fatigue:

Individuals with ADHD feel restless and super overactive and have sleep issues, However, once in a while tiredness overwhelms them and they find it difficult to get up from the bed even after 24 hours of sleep.

Constant Fatigue

I feel tired all the time. Even simple stuff, like getting out of bed or doing work, feels hard. I’m just always exhausted and want to rest.

  • Insomnia:

Lack of sleep and not falling asleep is a major issue people with ADHD face. 

Insomnia …

I just lie with thoughts not letting me sleep. Sometimes, I get up from the bed frequently going to the washroom, start working at night, and sometimes I just lie the whole night and can not sleep.

In Conclusion:

ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactive disorder) is a very common condition. People with ADHD commonly have symptoms of:

  • Inability to remain attentive (Attention deficit)
  • Hyperactivity (such as inability to remain seated or wait for one’s turn while discussing or while in a queue), and 
  • Impulsive and acting without thinking.

Some of the unrecognized symptoms and issues people with ADHD face include anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, and fatigue.


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