Omnipod for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Omnipod for type 2 diabetes

Omnipod device is primarily used by people with Type 1 Diabetes because they require multiple injections of insulin. Type 2 diabetics usually require oral insulin sensitizers. However, at some stage, they may become insulin deficient and require insulin therapy.

In addition, Omnipod administers insulin precisely. People with brittle diabetes such as those who have marked fluctuations in their blood glucose with minimal changes in insulin may best be treated with an insulin pump such as Omnipod.

People with Type 2 diabetes can maintain their blood sugar levels without several daily injections with the Omnipod DASH® Insulin Management System if insulin therapy is required. The Omnipod technology is very simple and intuitive to use [Ref].

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A little white “Pod” that you wear on your skin and contains insulin can be worn for up to three days before it needs to be changed.

The Personal Diabetes Manager, or PDM, a portable receiving device, is used to manage it.


The most recent DASH variant has a PDM that functions virtually as a dedicated mobile phone device and is the first Bluetooth-enabled version (that does not have all the capabilities of a normal smartphone).

According to the manufacturer, future variants, possibly controllable directly from your phone, will be built on the DASH technology.

A rechargeable battery

In contrast to the former generation, which utilized the more widely available AAA batteries, the Omnipod DASH uses lithium-ion cells that must be recharged.

Some people complained about this shift because lithium-ion batteries can be more challenging to locate in stores when you need urgent replacements.


Insulet advertises the DASH Pods as being waterproof for up to 60 minutes at a depth of 25 feet. However, the portable PDM is not water-resistant.

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Pros and cons of Omnipod Dash


  • It is the only tubeless insulin pump market in the US. It means there isn’t any plastic tubing connecting the hardware to an infusion set applied to your skin.
  • Self-sticking insulin Pods can be discretely worn underneath garments, out of sight.
  • Some people prefer that the small needle and cannula that go into your skin are hidden from view.
  • Employs a Bluetooth-enabled portable device called a Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM), which features an intuitive design and a color touchscreen.
  • Includes a sizable food database in the PDM so you can quickly log your food and beverage intake and look up carb counts.
  • The Pods are waterproof, so you may shower and have a bath without worrying. They are also waterproof for swimming for an hour at a depth of up to 25 feet.
  • If you misplace your handheld controller and need to find it, DASH has a “Find my PDM” tool that works similarly to the “find my phone” feature on smartphones. So Omnipod is good for type 2 diabetes.


  • It would help if you constantly carried the PDM with you to operate the Omnipod. Otherwise, you won’t be able to administer insulin or make any other changes.
  • During each wear session, you are unable to replenish the insulin Pods or take them out and put them back in.
  • delivers a hazard alert as the 72-hour session is concluding.
  • Unlike earlier models, DASH does not come with a built-in glucose fingerstick meter. And also it does not interact directly with a continuous glucose monitor (CGM)
  • The mobile apps only permit viewing data; using a smartphone to access Omnipod DASH is impossible.
  • The Omnipod DASH does not currently provide an option for automated “closed loop” operation. While the two insulin-pumping rivals in the United States show this option.
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