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Cefaly Reddit Reviews: Pros and Cons

Cefaly Reddit Reviews

Cefaly is a medical device that claims to prevent and treat migraines through electrical stimulation of the trigeminal nerve.

We have gathered several reviews from individuals who have tried the device to give an overview of their experiences.

Some users have found it helpful in reducing the intensity of their migraines, while others have reported no significant improvement or even increased pain.

The device is also noted to be quite expensive and has mixed recommendations from medical professionals.

Here is a table summarizing the effectiveness, neutral, not effective, and negative results of the Cefaly device based on the reviews analyzed:



Effective19 (59%)
Not Effective8(25%)
Negative Results1 (3%)

Note: The counts are based on the reviews analyzed and may not represent the overall effectiveness of the Cefaly device.

Based on the reviews analyzed, the Cefaly device seems to have a relatively positive impact on the majority of users, with 59% reporting it as effective in treating their migraines.

While 12.5% of users reported neutral results, indicating that the device did not make a significant impact on their migraines, 25% reported not experiencing any benefits from the device.

Additionally, only 3% of users reported negative results, suggesting that the device may be relatively safe to use.

Overall, these results suggest that the Cefaly device may be a promising treatment option for some migraine sufferers, but its efficacy may vary from person to person.

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Cefaly Reddit Reviews: A Glimpse

As noted in the above table, about 60% of the patients reported positive effects using Cefaly. About one-third had negative effects or no effect at all.

Here are a few of the reviews taken from Reddit:

  • Review 1:

The user experienced a significant increase in performance after putting in new batteries. The device is available without a prescription on Amazon and has 2 settings in the US and 3 in Canada.

The user initially experienced a strange sensation but found that it worked well for pain relief during a migraine attack. The primary benefit is for prevention, and the user believes it is helping. The US version has been effective for the user.

  • Review 2:

The user’s boyfriend has had chronic migraines and found relief using the device on program one. The device works to alleviate severe migraine pain, allowing the user to function better at work.

  • Review 3:

The user has been using the device for about 3 weeks and finds it helpful. It is not a miracle cure, but the user finds it beneficial for stopping migraines and decreasing the amount of medication needed. The user recommends using it once a day.

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  • Review 4:

The user fell in love with the device after using it at their doctor’s office. It initially feels painful, but frequent use causes the pain to go away. The user had no migraines for a month after using the device.

  • Review 5:

The device puts the pain “on hold” during a migraine attack, giving medications a chance to work. It doesn’t cure migraines but can stop them from getting worse. The user sometimes uses it before sleep to catch the beginning of a migraine attack.

  • Review 6:

The user is happy with the Cefaly device and finds it helpful in reducing migraine pain. They control the level of intensity and use it at least once a day. It has decreased the amount of medication they take.

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  • Review 7:

The user loves the Cefaly device and describes it as feeling like tiny lightening hands massaging their brain. They experienced pain at the beginning but after two weeks, it felt amazing. They have been migraine-free for a month.

  • Review 8:

The user found the Cefaly device to work well on frontal migraines but not so great on temporal ones. They had to get it shipped from Canada through a friend.

  • Review 9:

The Cefaly device is an interesting treatment that puts the pain “on hold” during an attack and can help decrease migraine pain. The user takes triptans and espresso along with Cefaly to reduce pain.

  • Review 10:

Cefaly doesn’t cure a migraine but can prevent it from getting worse. It is used before sleep and can make the user feel drowsy and sore. The device is helpful and the user is glad they bought it.

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Some Negative and Neutral Reviews are listed here:

  • Review 1:

The user likes the Cefaly as it puts the pain “on hold” during an attack and sometimes stops it from getting worse.

  • Review 2:

The user dislikes that the Cefaly has no indication when the batteries are low, and they have experienced an issue with the unit shutting down permanently. The user manual is not helpful in resolving the issue.

  • Review 3:

The user does not recommend the Cefaly as it became too painful to use and triggered migraines. They also found it did not improve their migraines overall.

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  • Review 4:

The user’s neurologist does not recommend Cefaly as it doesn’t seem to do much for most migraine sufferers.

  • Review 5:

The user tried the Cefaly but it didn’t work for them.

  • Review 6:

The user has had the Cefaly for close to two months but is thinking about sending it back as it doesn’t help with their head pain.

  • Review 7:

The user’s doctor lent them a Cefaly to try, but it did not work for their severe case of migraines.

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Pros and Cons of Cefaly: Taken from Patient’s Reviews:



– Increase in performance with new batteries– Can be painful, especially in the beginning
– Full intensity feels amazingExpensive
– No prescription is needed– No battery indicator
– Helps prevent migraines– May not work for temporal migraines
– Effective for chronic migraine– May not work for everyone
– Can decrease medication usage– May cause additional pain
– Good for frontal migraines– Numbing effect doesn’t last long

Overall, the Cefaly device has mixed reviews. While some users have found it to be very effective in preventing or reducing the pain of migraines, others have experienced additional pain or found it to be ineffective. Additionally, the device is quite expensive and may not be suitable for everyone.

The Cefaly device has both pros and cons to consider. One of the most significant pros is its effectiveness in preventing migraines, with a majority of reviews indicating that the device was effective for them.

Additionally, it does not require a prescription, which makes it easy to purchase and use. The device can also decrease the use of medication, which is a big plus for those who prefer a more natural approach to migraine treatment.

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However, the Cefaly device is expensive, which may deter some individuals from purchasing it. Additionally, the device can be painful, especially in the beginning, which can be a major con for some users.

There is also no battery indicator, which means that users may not know when the batteries need to be replaced.

The device may not work for temporal migraines, and it may not work for everyone, as some reviews indicated that it was not effective or caused additional pain.

Despite the numbing effect, which doesn’t last long, the device is good for frontal migraines. Overall, the Cefaly device has its pros and cons, and it is up to individuals to weigh these factors before making a decision to purchase and use the device for migraine prevention.

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