Best Yogurt for Weight Loss: Full Fat, Greek, and Yogurt with Probiotics

Best Yogurt for Weight Loss

To choose the best yogurt for weight loss, you need to first look at the label. You can try Chobani Yogurt that is full of proteins, low-fat yogurt, or Greek yogurt with Granola. Adding oats and fibers may enhance the weight loss effects of yogurt.

Yogurt is jam-packed with metabolism-boosting protein and gut-healthy probiotics, making it one of the best weight-loss foods on the market.

It can be eaten as a snack or breakfast all over the world. It contains chemicals that can help you lose weight by revving up your metabolism. Consuming this fermented milk product, however, should be done with caution.

Yogurt is commonly thought to be healthful, but this is only true if you choose the appropriate kinds. Because many yogurts have additional sugars, not all types of yogurt are excellent for weight loss.

So, which is the best yogurt to eat when trying to lose weight?

The good news is that we’re here to assist you! In this article, we will discuss the ways yogurt can help you in weight loss and what type of yogurt you can eat while on a weight loss diet.

How does Yogurt help in Weight Loss?

best yogurt for weight loss

Many types of research have been conducted to determine the role of dairy products in weight loss and maintenance.

Yogurt is a fermented dairy product that tastes a lot like milk, but it has unique qualities that play a major role in weight loss.

One study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, suggests that in various randomized control trials, individuals who had a higher yogurt consumption gained less weight along with changes in waist circumference.

It says that higher yogurt consumption is associated with a smaller increase in waist circumference. [Ref]

Another study conducted in 2016, suggested the role of yogurt in weight loss among diabetic patients.

This study concludes that clinical evidence greatly shows that yogurt is involved in energy homeostasis and body weight control.

It concludes that, due to its unique properties, yogurt plays a potential role in glycemic control. [Ref]

The studies published in NMCD Journal in 2018, discussed the role of fortified yogurts in weight loss.

The study concludes that as compared to plain yogurt, consumption of fortified yogurt led to a significant reduction in body fat, Triglyceride level, and waist circumference in obese patients on a calorie-restricted diet. [Ref]

Do All yogurts Help You Lose Weight?

This argument usually arises: if yogurt offers so many health benefits and is high in probiotics, why can’t we just go and pick up the yogurt of our choice and preferred brands?

The answer is quite simple! Usually, manufacturers have a habit of putting as much sugar and artificial additives as candy bars into yogurt, all while portraying their goods as healthy.

So, your best weight-loss yogurt must not be high in sugars, fat or must not contain any food additives. On a calorie-restricted diet, you should always go for natural and minimally processed food products.

What Types of Yoghurt Are Best for Weight Loss?

Here are some commonly known types of yogurts. We will discuss which one is a better option for weight loss

Greek Yogurt for Weight Loss:

Greek yogurt is currently very popular. It’s different from regular yogurt because it’s strained multiple times, removing part of the whey and lactose.

Greek yogurt has around twice as much protein as regular yogurt and about half the carbohydrates It’s a good option for a filling snack for lactose-intolerants.

Greek yogurt, however, is often heavier in calories and fat and has less calcium than conventional yogurt.

So, this type of yogurt cannot benefit you during a weight loss diet but it is an excellent choice to add to a balanced diet.

To enhance the weight loss effects of Greek yogurt, one may add Granola to it which is rich in fiber. Chobani Greek Yogurt is protein-rich and fat-free and can be used instead of plain Greek yogurt.

oats and yogurt for weight loss full of probiotics

Full-fat Yoghurt for Weight Loss:

Full-fat yogurt is prepared from whole milk, this type of yogurt is generally high in fats and gives you extra calories.

It is very healthy but you cannot certainly go for a full-fat yogurt while wanting to lose weight. One way is to add oats, granola, or other fibers to it. This may slightly alter the absorption and without altering the flavor, can help you lose weight.

Low Fat Yogurt for Weight Loss:

Low-fat yogurt is often made from low-fat or skimmed (fat-free) milk. It contains little to no fat.

This type of yogurt can be very useful during your weight loss regime because it gives you proteins and carbs but skips the fat which prevents you from gaining extra pounds.

Although Low-fat yogurts are low in calories, some might be low in fat while having a lot of added sugar, which is usually added to balance the flavor.

So, you must be very careful while looking for fat-free yogurt. It’s better to prepare it at home. It’s super easy and requires no extra effort.

Yogurts With Live Cultures (Probiotics):

Yogurt is made with probiotic bacteria that are good for you. They convert lactose (milk sugar) to lactic acid, which gives yogurt its sour flavor.

Probiotic bacteria, often known as “living cultures” in yogurt, can provide a variety of health benefits.

Although probiotic research is still debated, studies suggest that they may treat lactose intolerance, improve the symptoms of IBS, reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, and improve overall gut health.

Probiotic yogurts have also been shown to help decrease cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure in other studies.

Adults who consume yogurt containing the probiotic Bifidobacterium may find relief from constipation, but while results are inconsistent.

best plain yogurt for weight loss

Studies suggest that probiotic consumption greatly aids in weight maintenance and weight loss as it improves overall metabolism and gut health. [Ref]

Another study that assessed the effect of weight-loss interventions on the gut microbiome suggests that Bariatric surgery and restrictive diets result in changes in microbial composition that can have long-term harmful effects.

A diet rich in prebiotics can restore a healthy gut microbiome and aid in weight maintenance. [Ref]

All types of yogurt are healthy but you need to be careful when choosing one while following calorie-restricted diets.

Tips for Choosing the Best Yogurt for Weight Loss:

The majority of yogurts are touted as being healthful. While sugars, flavorings, and artificial additives added to them, can quickly turn them into junk food.

When looking for a healthy weight-loss yogurt, there are a few things to keep in mind and avoid.

Look at the label.

When determining which brand to buy, the first thing you should do is read the label. You’ll know exactly what’s in the yogurt if you do this. Each brand has its own unique components.

Here are some things to think about while reading a label:

  • Check the ingredients to see what’s in the yogurt. Most brands claim to be plain yogurt, but many contain artificial flavors, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners, among other things.
  • Choose a brand that does not have a lot of extra ingredients. Instead, look for a yogurt that only has a few components.

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