Opzelura for Vitiligo: Before and After Pics & Reviews

Opzelura Cream for Vitiligo

Opzelura is the brand name of Ruxolitinib. It is a JAK inhibitor, a potent immunosuppressant.

Because Vitiligo is caused by damage to the pigment-producing cells, and melanocytes by the person’s immune system, putting a brake on the wary immune system can stop the progression of Vitiligo skin patches.

Furthermore, unlike other systemically administered medications, Opzelura is available as a topical cream and hence is not associated with low immunity.

How Effective is Opzelura Cream for Vitiligo?

vitiligo of legs and thighs opzelura cream for vitiligo sunbathing
Vitiligo: Hypopigmented patches over the thighs and legs

Opzelura Cream is one the most potent treatments for Vitiligo. It is more potent than topical corticosteroids, Light therapy, Topical Calcipotriol, and other medications.

In clinical trials, Opzelura Cream applied twice daily for 24 weeks resulted in 75% resolution of Vitiligo patches compared to only 10% of those treated with a placebo drug [Ref].


Opzelura Cream for Vitiligo: Before and After Pictures and Reviews:

People on Opzelura cream for vitiligo have posted their reviews on social media like Reddit and Meta.

We have compiled the “before and after pictures of people using Opzelura cream for Vitiligo” and their reviews here:

Vitiligo of Chin: Before and After Opzelura Use:

Vitiligo of chin before andafter picture using Opzelura cream
Vitiligo of chin before and after picture using Opzelura cream

Patient’s Review:

“I was prescribed Triamcinolone 0.1% lotion for mornings and Opzelura cream 1.5 (even though it’s not FDA approved, my doctor assured me it’s safe, haha). I also received shots for the bald spots.

After two visits to the dermatologist, with another appointment in two weeks, I’ve seen a significant improvement! I’ve attached a before and current picture along with the medications prescribed.

It’s worth noting that I waited a while before going to the dermatologist after my initial post, and my condition worsened.

So, if you’re facing a similar issue, don’t hesitate to get it checked out sooner rather than later!”


Vitiligo of the Face: Before and After Opzelura Cream:

Opzelura 2 months progress before and after picture
Opzelura 2 months progress before and after pictures

Patients’ Review:

“The results are a bit mixed. This e top picture shows where I began,

Vitiligo of face before Opzelura application
Vitiligo of the face before Opzelura application

“the middle one reflects consistent application both morning and night for over 7 months. Initially, it seemed to work well, but eventually, it reached a point where it didn’t fill in any further in those areas. I even tried applying it to other areas like my neck, but it didn’t have much effect.

I eventually stopped using it because I ran out of the prescription, but also because I noticed increased daytime fatigue when it was on.”

Vitiligo of face after applying Opzelura cream
Vitiligo on the face after applying Opzelura cream

“The bottom picture is from now, after about another 5 months of not using it. It looks like my hair mostly returned to how it was in the initial picture. So, it seems the effects don’t last if you stop using it.”

after stopping Opzelura
Vitiligo reappears after stopping Opzelura

This patient observed the good effects of Opzelura cream but also noticed that the effect of Opzelura (Ruxolitinib) cream is not long-lasting.

Just a few months after stopping Opzelura cream, he started developing the same hypopigmented patches over his face.

A complete cure may not be possible but once the condition completely resolves, reappearance of vitiligo may be slow compared to stopping the treatment in the middle.


Vitiligo of the Armpits: Before and After Opzelura Cream:

vitiligo of armpits before Opzelura cream
Vitiligo of armpits before Opzelura cream

Patients’ Review:

“I noticed pigment loss after experiencing a particularly bad rash in February of this year.

Later in May, I was diagnosed with vitiligo and was prescribed Opzelura cream.”

Vitiligo of armpit fading away with Opzelura cream after 3 months
Vitiligo of armpit fading away with Opzelura cream after 3 months

“Some spots completely faded away, while others have specks of pigment. Thankfully, there haven’t been any new spots, and it hasn’t spread elsewhere. It’s localized under both armpits. I hope it stays that way!”


Vitiligo of the Forearm and Wrist: Before and After Opzelura Cream:

Vitiligo of wrist and forearm before pic
Vitiligo of wrist and forearm before pic

Patients’ Review:

“I’ve noticed slow improvement with Opzelura cream.

The vitiligo over my forearm and the dorsum of my hand seems to be a little more resistant compared to the patches on my legs.

Despite the challenges, I’m sticking to the treatment regimen. Here’s hoping it continues to fade away and doesn’t recur.”


Vitiligo Before and After Opzelura Cream:

Before and after Opzelura after 4 months of treatment
Before and after Opzelura after 4 months of treatment

Patients’ Review:

“I’ve noticed small vitiligo patches on both of my shins and both nipples. In August 2023, my dermatologist prescribed topical Opzelura, which my insurance approved.

Initially, I saw good improvement with spotted pigmentation returning, but for the past few weeks, it seems to have stalled.”


Hairline Vitiligo: Before and After One Month of Opzelura Cream:

new spots along hairline after a month of Opzelura cream use
new spots along the hairline after a month of Opzelura cream use

Patients’ Review:

“I’ve had three main vitiligo spots for as long as I can remember – on my abdomen, back, and ribs. Over the past few years, I’ve noticed some white hairs in those areas.

This year, for the first time, I’ve noticed the white spots spreading to my hairline. I’ve been using Opzelura topical for two weeks now, so I’ll provide updates on my progress.

I’m also curious if anyone else has had success with Opzelura along the hairline.


In Conclusion:

Vitiligo is a medical condition that leads to loss of your skin color. It affects your appearance but at the same time, it also has an impact on your mental health.

People think they are less attractive and develop shyness and an inferiority complex.

However, just like any medical condition, individuals with vitiligo need social support.

Vitiligo may heal fast and completely with the latest treatments such as Opzelura, Rinvoq, and Xeljanz.

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