Nutrigo Lab’s Strength Supplement to Improve Exercise Tolerance

Nutrigo Lab’s Strength Supplement

Nutrigo Lab Strength Supplement is specially prepared for athletes to prepare their muscles before training.

It is a blend of 18 natural ingredients that boosts muscle strength and improves exercise endurance.

The road to exercise and bodybuilding is a long and difficult one that requires constant motivation to achieve the desired outcome.

Many people experience training capacity issues and cannot perform all the planned exercises because they feel lethargic or dizzy after doing exercise for a little time.

This usually happens because your body lacks good nutrition and the required amount of fuel for exercising.

However, you can enhance your activity timing by choosing the right pre-workout supplement.


What are Pre-workout Supplements and How to Choose One?

Pre-workout supplements are designed to boost your workout skills and to help you get the right energy to perform your daily workout.

There are unlimited supplements available over the internet and in supermarkets but it is hard to select the best one while avoiding the harmful ones.

Pre-workout supplements come in different forms such as in pills, powders, and drinks. While looking for a good pre-workout supplement you must focus on the following ingredients:

  • Creatine Monohydrate
  • Branched-chain Amino Acids
  • Beta-Alanine or Citrulline
  • Caffeine

Nutrigo Lab Strength supplement is one such supplement that contains all the important ingredients required to enhance your strength.


What is Nutrigo Lab’s Strength Supplement?

Nutrigo lab strength supplement is a pre-workout supplement that is designed to improve strength and duration of exercise.

This product is specially designed for professional athletes and is formulated right according to their requirements.

It prepares the muscles for intense exercises and boosts your exercise motivation. The specific ingredients in this product provide enough energy to avoid any fatigue or stress and improve physical fitness.

The supplement contains a complex of ingredients known as Strong VASCULAR Booster, whose purpose is to increase muscle pump and accelerate training readiness in bodybuilders, runners, and fighters.


Functions of strength supplement

Nutrigo Lab Strength supplement is composed of the following ingredients that allow your body to withstand the most rigorous exercises:

Strong Vascular Booster:

The booster complex aims to increase the limit of endurance and enhance performance by improving the muscle pump effect.

NEURO Stimulant & Adaptogenic Blend:

This complex is designed to boost energy levels that are not only adequate for exercise but also for rapid regeneration of energy after high-intensity workouts. It reduces the effects of exercise-related stress.

CREATINE Cellular Energy Complex

This contains creatine malate and creatine hydrochloride, allowing you to increase the intensity of your workout, particularly the number of repetitions per exercise series.


It is a fresh beetroot concentrate powder that supports healthy circulation and is best to boost energy and performance during high-intensity workouts.

Bitter Orange Extract

it is an organic substance that is rich in alkaloids which boost metabolism. It accelerates fat metabolism and increases thermogenesis due to which fat cells are reduced and energy is generated.

Cocoa bean extract:

It contains antioxidants such as anthocyanins, flavonoids, and polyphenols which reduce oxidative stress and stimulate the nervous system. It also helps against hypersensitivity. Cocoa beans fight against chronic fatigue by providing abundant energy.

Rhodiola rosea extract:

Rose-root extract is an adaptogen, which means it adapts its effect on the body to current conditions. It is an immune booster and also improves the production of red blood cells.

It is considered perfectly legal natural doping in the world of sports; it helps the body regenerate quickly, increasing performance and endurance at the same time.

Capsicum fruit extract:

The richest source of capsaicin increases fat burning by stimulating dopamine and adrenaline production while also reducing oxidative stress.

Extract of black pepper fruit:

This contains piperine, an alkaloid with slimming properties that, like capsaicin, intensifies fat-burning processes;

B vitamins

Among vitamins, the most predominantly found is Niacin- Vitamin B3 because it plays an essential role in the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Other vitamins include Vitamin B6 – for supporting the circulatory and immune systems.


What is the recommended dose of Nutrigo Lab Strength Supplement?

The recommended dose is 2 scoops per day 15 minutes before a workout. It can be added to milk, water, or any desired shake.


Pre-workout supplements are designed to improve the body’s training capacity and energy levels.

Most pre-workout supplements are generally safe to use however, a healthy balanced diet should be followed along with these supplements to have a beneficial effect.

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